What clothes do doctors choose?


Manufacturers of medical clothing create their own rules, norms, fashion

trends and impose them on medical workers. We left  

from the reverse. We are only interested in your opinion, which clothes are convenient and comfortable for you to wear, which models do you think are fashionable and stylish. What color of clothes will you choose in the morning, looking at your mood.

Together with the online hub partner Doc.ua   we conducted a survey among doctors about medical clothing. The main percentage of respondents were doctors, students of medical schools, middle medical staff, interns and administrators of medical institutions.

Based on the results of the survey, we would like to answer several interesting questions.

What clothes do doctors choose?

1. Medical gown. This product is a consistent favorite among medical professionals. The gown has become the most popular type of professional clothing in a doctor's wardrobe. One of the main advantages of a medical gown is that it can be combined with trousers or casual clothes. This factor cannot help but attract

in conditions of a catastrophic lack of time. This type of clothing was chosen by 29.40% of respondents.

2. Robe + suit. A large number of doctors of various specialties choose just such a combination. Wearing a suit under a medical gown, you will get a complete image of a medical worker. A suit means a button-up surgical or medical suit.

The combination of gown + surgical suit was chosen by 24.79% of the interviewed doctors. Gown and medical suit - 16.31%.

3. Surgical suits. As a rule, suits without fasteners and decor are chosen by employees of surgical departments and massage therapists. Also, surgical suits are suitable for specialists for whom it is important that medical clothing does not constrain movements. 12.02% of medics chose a surgical suit.

4. Medical suit. This category presents a huge selection of models with different types of fasteners, sleeves, collars and different styles. It is not surprising that doctors often choose button-up suits. And in our poll, 11.37% voted for it.

What is important to a doctor when choosing clothes?

When choosing medical clothing, you can pay attention to various factors: color, style, quality and much more. The group surveyed chose the following categories:

1. Fabric - 35.86%. When choosing a fabric, pay attention to its composition, its naturalness or the ratio of polyester and cotton.

2. Style - 30.50%. The style, appearance of the product is what catches the eye. It is very important that clothes look beautiful, stylish and at the same time be comfortable.

3. Simple care - 26.10%. Ease of care is an important factor for a physician when choosing professional or casual clothing. Garments with a higher proportion of polyester in the composition are much easier to care for. The fabric dries quickly, practically does not wrinkle, it is easy to iron.

4. Color - 6.10%. One cannot ignore the fact that the chosen color can affect not only the doctor's mood, but also the patient's attitude towards the doctor. After all, the doctor's appearance affects the frequency of visits to him.

What colors of clothes do doctors choose?

The first place is deservedly occupied by white color. It was this color that became the standard in the field of medicine. White color is associated with purity and sterility. 45.17% of the surveyed medics voted for the white color.

Also, blue, blue and gray colors are the leaders. Such colors bring peace and balance.

Doctors also choose such colors as green (green, menthol, mint, less often light green), black, pink, red, dark blue, burgundy, turquoise, purple and lilac.

It is worth noting the attraction of doctors to clothes with a print. It can be a children's print or stylish images, patterns.

According to the results of the survey, it is difficult to detect a certain regularity in the choice of a doctor of one or another type of medical clothing, color, style. It can be concluded that when choosing clothes, doctors usually focus on their preferences or on the corporate style of the clinic.

We invite you to share your opinion and take a survey . With your help, we become even better!

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