What materials are used in medical clothing and how they affect the comfort and safety of the medical worker

Medical clothing is necessary to ensure the protection and comfort of the owners. In addition, a doctor, as a representative of a noble profession, is obliged to have an impeccable appearance during each shift, because the uniform reflects his own professionalism and forms the rating of the medical institution. Therefore, clothing for medical personnel must be made of extremely high-quality fabric with special properties.

Criteria for choosing materials for medical clothing

Reusable medical clothing is usually subjected to difficult loads - constant wearing, frequent washing, disinfection in various ways. These factors lead to faster wear and tear, which should be taken into account by clothing manufacturers and select fabrics that are less susceptible to these effects.

Only wear-resistant and elastic fabrics that do not restrict movement, sit well on the figure and meet a number of conditions are suitable for medical personnel uniforms:

  • high strength and density
  • simple care - no dry cleaning, long drying and ironing
  • no shrinkage after washing, resistance to stretching and color loss during long-term use
  • hypoallergenicity
  • the ability to repel moisture and dirt
  • hygroscopicity and air permeability.

Types of fabrics for sewing medical uniforms

The first fabric for medical gowns is completely natural. Cotton and linen were chosen because they are materials that allow the body to breathe, do not cause irritation, and do not electrify.

They also have disadvantages:

  • insufficient durability - shrinkage, color washout, stretching are possible
  • require careful ironing, which complicates care.

The problem was solved by the use of synthetic polyester fabrics, which do not wrinkle at all and are much cheaper. But it turned out that they are characterized by:

  • the possibility of allergic reactions
  • statics
  • destruction from ingress of hemicals
  • creating the effect of a sauna in the summer and passing the cold in the winter.

This forced to look for other textile options for medical clothing. The result was a combination of synthetic fibers with natural fibers in different proportions. This made it possible to preserve the advantages of both components and eliminate their disadvantages.

Today, for sewing medical clothes, mixed materials are most often used - cotton + polyester and viscose + polyester. The optimal ratio of components is 65%:35%. Such fabrics include modern cotton, gabardine, and batiste. The only fully synthetic material popular in the medical textile industry is spunbond.

Premium quality materials

Fabrics of a mixed composition, specially designed for the manufacture of medical clothing:

  1. Satori comes from Japan, has a half-synthetic composition, is comfortable and practical. Its advantages are an elegant look, a wide selection of colors, extreme durability and resistance to sterilization.
  2. Teredo is a British variant of medical tissue. It is not inferior in quality to the previous one, although it contains only 33% cotton.
  3. TS - made in Korea, consists of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. It has a decent level of quality properties, but cannot withstand treatment with chlorine.

To provide strength to the fabric, special types of fiber weaving are used, which create a dense structure, which allows you to preserve the initial properties for a long time. This is how mixed fabrics are obtained:

  • satin
  • poplin
  • twill.

In addition to wear resistance, these materials are distinguished by an attractive aesthetic appearance - bright colors, shiny and pleasant to the touch surface. Accordingly, they belong to the higher price segment of fabrics for medical clothing.

Where to buy medical clothing from the best fabrics

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