Why is the medical coat white and why does the doctor need it

White coat for medical workers - People in White Most people associate a white coat with a doctor. As experts in the field of medical clothing, we were interested in the question - why do doctors wear gowns and why are they white? Take a look at the results of our small study.

Why is the medical coat white?


White medical clothing became popular after the spread of Lister's antiseptic theory. For the purpose of disinfection, clothes were often boiled, using lime and soap for washing. Due to constant exposure to high water temperature and aggressive detergents, fabrics lost their color. Therefore, in order to save money, clothes for doctors began to be sewn from undyed and unbleached canvas, since after frequent washing it still turned white.

Traces of contamination are best visible on white cloth. Thus, the white color, as the most convenient and practical option, has been attached to medical clothing.

The history of the medical gown


At first, changing clothes and masks were used to protect the surgeon from infections that the patient might carry. After the use of antiseptics led to a decrease in the mortality rate among patients, doctors realized the need to use special clothing and sterilize it.

After the "Spanish flu" pandemic of 1918, not only surgeons, but also doctors of other specialties began to wear a cap and gown. Since then, the gown acts as a buffer between the everyday clothes of the doctor and the patient. On the one hand, it protects the patient from infections that may be on the doctor's clothes. On the other hand, the gown protects the doctor from contamination with biological fluids and drugs.

Why does a modern doctor need a robe?


From time to time, disputes arise among doctors about whether to wear a gown, since it itself can be a source of infections and cause negative associations in patients.

Numerous studies prove and surveys confirm that a white coat is a mandatory attribute of a doctor, his business card. The appearance of medical workers plays no less important role than their professional skills. Patients tend to judge the professional level of a doctor based on his appearance. For example, the Royal Free Hospital (London) conducted a survey among patients and found that the majority of respondents prefer a specialist in a white coat. Often, patients tell doctors intimate things that they don't even tell their loved ones. The patient needs to feel that he is communicating with a serious competent person. It is much more difficult to trust a doctor who looks like an ordinary person from the street.

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