What are doctors afraid of?

It turns out that medical professionals have a large number of signs and superstitions, which they sincerely adhere to. We will give examples of some of them.

Do not turn on the light
Doctors try not to turn on the lights in the reception department one more time. It is believed that ambulances fly to him like butterflies. For the same purpose, the register of patients is never kept open.

Beware of redheads
Most surgeons are wary of patients with red hair. It turns out that owners of natural red hair have a higher pain threshold and need more painkillers. Such patients are very sensitive and require special attention.

Don't try to waste time
You don't even need to try to make your shift more pleasant. Experienced doctors are convinced that if you take an interesting book or handicraft with you in the hope of wasting time at work, you will never get even a little rest. On the other hand, if you do not plan any entertainment, the shift will be very calm.
Doctors rarely agree to change shifts with their colleagues. There is a sign that if you go on a substitution, there will not be a single free moment during such a shift.
Some doctors see a direct relationship between how the day off went and what the next shift will be like. Yes, the better and more active you spend your day off, the more "fun" the next shift will be.

Beware of thanks
The seemingly pleasant phrase "Doctor, you are a savior! Now nothing hurts!", fear a large number of doctors. For doctors, it is a signal of a possible relapse or complication. Similarly, people in white clothes avoid wishes for a good shift, good night, and a good day. Hearing such a phrase is a sign that the next day or evening will be by no means calm. It's best to just say "Thank you."


Omens and superstitions of doctors - People in White

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