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Dear friends, we invite you to rate the quality of service and products of the company Lyudi v Bily.

Customer reviews are the most important source of information for us about the operation of the "People in White" store and the quality of our products. Thanks to your feedback, wishes and recommendations, we continuously improve the quality of service, introduce more and more new services and develop the latest models of medical clothing.
So, for example, right now, when shopping at the "People in White" store, if necessary, they will shorten the length of your pants or shorten the length of the sleeves of your robe for free, offer you coffee and chocolate, and much, much more. At the same time, all the best ideas were suggested to us by our Clients.

Please take part in the questionnaire and tell us what else we can do useful for you, our Clients, for the Clients of the "People in White" company.

The questionnaire can be obtained directly from the store, located at 3 Olena Teliga Street. The questionnaire is accompanied by an envelope with paid postage.

We remind you that among the Clients who took part in the survey, gift certificates worth 100 hryvnias are drawn every month.

Come visit, fill out the questionnaire and win gift certificates for the purchase of wonderful medical clothing "Men in White"!

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