What should medical clothing be?


When choosing medical clothing, you need to take into account many factors - the type of fabric, tailoring features, the specifics of the specialty and much more.

General requirements for medical clothing

Clothes for doctors should be:

• convenient;
• functional;
• hygroscopic;
• practical.

Special requirements are placed on the material from which the clothes are made. It should be wear-resistant and high-quality fabric. Natural cotton and mixed fabrics containing different proportions of polyester and cotton meet these criteria.

For example, "Elegant" mixed fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton) is used to sew medical clothes "People in White". Due to the cotton in the composition, the fabric is well permeable to air, allowing the skin to breathe. Polyester makes the product durable and easy to care for. Products made of such fabric are durable, easy to wash, do not roll and practically do not wrinkle.

On the way from the factory to the sales hall of the supermarket, "People in White" products undergo three stages of quality control. Only products of ideal quality get into the hands of our Clients - made of thick, wear-resistant fabric, comfortable cut, with the best accessories. This allowed us to increase the warranty period for clothes by almost 12 times. We are sure of the perfect quality of our products!

Clothes for pediatricians

Considering the specifics of working with children, the clothes of a pediatrician should not evoke associations with a doctor or, in general, with a hospital. Clothing with cheerful prints will help to establish contact with a small patient, to inspire trust during the appointment. For example, the assortment of TM "People in White" includes men's and women's surgical blouses with mice, kittens, owls and other cute characters.
Interesting stories will help distract and interest the baby. Best of all, the tool for establishing contact and the basis for fascinating stories is always at the doctor's fingertips.

Medical clothing for surgeons

The surgeon's clothing should maintain sterility as much as possible. Therefore, surgical suits are always made with short sleeves and without fasteners, with a wide neckline, since the highest concentration of microbes is observed on the cuffs of long sleeves and buttons.
To work directly in the operating room, it is undesirable to wear white suits - in combination with the bright light of the lamps, such clothes create an additional burden on the doctor's vision. It is advisable to give preference to colored options. Suits of different shades of blue and green are especially popular. These colors reduce eye fatigue.

Corporate medical clothing

More and more companies are developing their corporate style and making clothes based on its requirements. Yes, medical suits or gowns made of fabric in corporate colors are very popular. In addition, the clothes can be equipped with embroidery or a patch in the form of the clinic's logo.
Patients have a pleasant impression of a salon or clinic, whose employees, in addition to professionalism, combine clothes in a uniform style.
The "People in White" supermarket has probably the largest assortment of medical clothing - more than 200 models of gowns and suits. Doctors of various specialties can choose high-quality, stylish and comfortable medical clothes.
If you need corporate clothes for a clinic or salon, our creative designers will develop a corporate style and tailor clothes according to individual measurements. There are no impossible tasks for us!
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