How to properly iron a medical gown?

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Practically no one irons everyday clothes - due to the polyester and elastane in its composition, it practically does not wrinkle. The situation with medical clothing is somewhat more complicated - most of the products in the composition contain cotton, due to which the fabric quickly wrinkles and is difficult to iron.
It is very important for doctors to maintain a neat appearance, and many already have their secrets - how to properly iron a medical gown. We have ironed thousands of dressing gowns during the entire period of work and we will be happy to share our experience with you.


Ironed clothes give a feeling of comfort, increase self-confidence. A specialist in an ironed gown inspires more trust and respect from patients.

For ironing you will need:
- Ironing board. It will allow you to lay out the robe so that the already ironed areas do not wrinkle during ironing.
- Iron with steamer. Moistened cotton fabric is much easier to iron than dry.
- Pulverizer. It will come in handy if the iron does not have a steam function. It is better to pour boiled or distilled water into the atomizer so that stains do not appear on the clothes.

Temperature regime

The temperature regime at which you can iron a medical gown is usually indicated on the label. Usually, medical fabrics are well ironed at temperatures up to 150°C. A higher temperature can lead to deformation of the polyester fibers contained in the fabric.

If the robe is made of pure cotton, without synthetic impurities, the temperature regime can be increased to 200°C


First, the product must be carefully ironed from the back.

The next stage is ironing of small details. This is a collar, cuffs, pockets, seams, edging. If the belt is not sewn to the clothes, it can also be ironed now. Next, the sleeves are ironed. If there is no special stand for small parts, the sleeve must be laid out on the board with the seam to the bottom. Moving the seam little by little, it is necessary to iron the middle of the sleeve. It is important not to touch the edges with the iron so that arrows do not form.

If the product has folds, it is necessary to iron the seam first, then wrap the product as it should be and iron it again. This is easy to do if you fix the seam on one side and pull it on the other. If at the first ironing, the tuck is processed correctly, even after several washing cycles, the product will retain its neat appearance.

When ironing the side seams, the iron must be directed backwards, ironing the chest seams - from seam to seam, back - vice versa. When ironing the shoulder seams, move the iron in the direction of the neck.

To prevent creases from forming, it is better to iron the front of the robe in the area of buttons and pockets with the tip of the iron.

How to iron a medical cap

It is most convenient to iron the cap on the edge of the ironing board or on a special stand for sleeves. First, the upper part is ironed, then the sides.
If you iron the cap from the inside, it will give it a rounded shape. If from the outside, you can make arrows from the back and from the front, like on aviators.

How to properly iron a colored medical gown

To prevent shiny streaks from remaining on the fabric, you must place wet gauze between the iron and the clothes.

Dressing gowns with embroidery and appliqués should be ironed especially carefully. Decorative elements can be ironed only from the wrong side. It is better not to process such areas of clothing with steam - the threads can stain the main fabric from the influence of hot water.

Secrets of ironing

It is easiest to iron a wet form. After the clothes dry, it will be much more difficult to get rid of the wrinkles.

It is advisable to iron the robe every day, not just after washing. Processing with high temperatures will help get rid of microbes.

After ironing, the robe should be left on the shoulders for a while to let it cool down. If you put on a freshly ironed robe, it will quickly become wrinkled.

If there is no desire to iron clothes often, you can buy a medical gown made of 100% polyester. Such products practically do not need ironing. Even if you crumple the robe and carry it in your backpack pocket for several days, it will still keep its neat appearance.

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