How to wash a medical gown


A white medical coat is a garment that requires special care. On the one hand, it must always be kept clean, on the other - frequent and improper washing can lead to the fact that clothes quickly lose their attractive appearance and become wrinkled.
We share the secrets of how to properly wash a medical gown.
Before washing, it is advisable to study the tag sewn into the clothing - usually there the manufacturer writes at what temperature to wash the medical gown. By the way, with each product of TM "People in White", a brochure is included, which gives the most detailed recommendations for care.


If there are stains on the clothes, before washing the medical gown, it is advisable to soak it for 20-30 minutes in warm water. Any detergent or stain remover without chlorine should be applied to the stains. Do not soak things in hot water - this will cause the fabric to shrink or lose color.
Do not soak clothes with metal accessories - buttons, brooches. After a long stay in water, the metal can rust and contaminate the surrounding fabric. We also do not recommend soaking colored clothes and products with colored inserts or embroidery so that the fabric does not lose its color.

Life hack! You can return the robe to its original whiteness if you soak it in warm water with the addition of lemon juice. Juice from half a lemon will be enough for 2.5 liters of water.

Another good substitute for chlorine is a mixture of washing powder, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia:

  • 5 liters of water;
  • 25 g of washing powder;
  • 1 tsp ammoniacal alcohol.

The ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and the robe left in the solution for 30-40 minutes.
To refresh the robe and remove unpleasant odors, it is necessary to add a little soda to the water.

How to wash a medical gown

If the robe just needs to be refreshed after everyday wear, you can use a regular detergent such as washing powder or soap.

20-30 years ago, medical clothes were most often not washed, but boiled with a chlorine solution. It is better not to do this - chlorine corrodes fabric fibers, makes them thinner, damages them.

How to wash a medical gown by hand

It is important to remember that 100% cotton robes do not like hot water. The optimal temperature is 30-40°C. Colored robes or clothes with colored inserts should be washed at the same temperature so that the fabric does not lose its color.

White clothes made of mixed fabric (cotton with the addition of polyester) can be washed at a slightly higher temperature - up to 60°.

Importantly! From my own experience - before washing a medical gown, please check its pockets wink In the best case, there may be pieces of paper in the pockets that will spread in small pieces all over the clothes, in the worst case - food that can spoil the clothes.

Things with colored decoration or embroidery should be washed as carefully as possible, areas with decor should not be rubbed or squeezed hard.

How to wash a medical gown in a washing machine

Those who are new to medical clothing (for example, mothers of first-year students) are not sure if the medical gown is machine washable. Of course, it is possible to wash, the main thing - only with white clothes and observing the temperature regime.

Importantly! So that the medical gown does not fray after washing, it must be washed with clothes that are similar in texture and fabric composition. For example, it is not advisable to wash medical clothes with towels, and 100% cotton products with mixed fabrics.

Another secret to washing a medical gown and refreshing its color is to add a little soda and salt to the powder with each wash. Clothes made of polycotton (fabrics made of polyester and cotton) can be refreshed with the help of bleach with active oxygen.

How to remove stains from a medical gown

Ink stains can be removed with alcohol. It is necessary to put a little alcohol on a cotton pad and apply it to the stain for 5-10 minutes, then wash it with household soap.

It is better to immediately sprinkle talc on a fresh stain from a ballpoint pen and leave it for 10-15 minutes. This will not allow the ink to penetrate deeply into the fabric.

Importantly! In order not to have to look for ways to wash the medical gown from blood, it is better to soak such a stain immediately in cold water. Hot water is contraindicated for washing and soaking such stains - the high temperature can cause blood to soak into the fibers of the fabric.

Old stains are removed with the help of oxygen bleach. In general, any stains of organic origin are well removed by household soap.

How to starch clothes

In order for the clothes to keep their shape better and look neater, they can be starched. The main thing is not to overdo it, so that the robe does not turn into a hard case smiley In general, for everyday wear, it is enough to starch the cuffs and collar.

To prepare the solution, add a teaspoon of starch to a liter of warm water and stir. In order for the liquid to be evenly distributed over the coat, the solution can be applied using a sprayer. Clothes should be laid flat on the shoulders to dry.

Most of the "People in White" assortment is sewn from "Elegant" fabric. Due to the addition of polyester, the clothes are more durable and fit the figure better. Cotton in the composition of the fabric allows air to pass through well, allowing the skin to breathe. Thanks to the optimal composition of the fabric, taking care of TM "People in White" clothes is a pleasure smiley


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