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Supermarket of medical clothes "Lyudy v Bilamo" provides the service of courier delivery of products in Kyiv. As a rule, if the delivery is ordered before lunch, then it is carried out within one working day.

But what if you are not sure about the size of the robe or suit?

There are such models of robes that fit very tightly, "according to the figure".
Conversely, some medical suits are roomy and should be worn loosely.
In winter, you want to wear a blouse under your robe. How to guess in such a case - whether the robe will sit well with the blouse? Is "small" a product or free?

Especially for such situations, we provided the possibility of delivery of "LVB" products in several sizes. When ordering, say, the 50th size of the robe, you can tell the sales consultant that you are not sure about the size you are interested in. And you want to use the free service "Size for stock". In this case, the courier will bring you the product of the size you ordered (50) and the same product of a larger size (52).

You will have the opportunity to try on both products, even with a blouse, and choose exactly the size that suits you. And the product of inappropriate size will be returned by the courier to the "LVB" supermarket.

You don't need to pay additionally for the "Stock size" service, you will only pay for the usual courier delivery service. As part of the "Size for stock" service, the courier will be able to take up to 5 products with him, so that you can make the most optimal choice.

Very convenient and practical!

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