Review of the robe MH 0631 produced by the company "People in White"


Dear friends, we bring to your attention the first video review of a medical gown! In the review, we talk about the properties and consumer qualities of the women's medical gown МХ 0631, its features and differences.

We watched a lot of videos on youtube, and youtube uploads 35 hours of videos every minute, and we couldn't find any video reviews of medical clothing. Therefore, our video is the world's first complete video review of a dressing gown. And the first review is not only in the field of gowns, but also about medical clothing in general.

As you know, the company "People in White" is completely focused on the Client. We do everything to be closer to the Client, so that the choice and purchase of medical clothing turns into a pleasant event, and wearing it gives only positive emotions, comfort and self-confidence. And that is why we created the first real supermarket of medical clothing in Ukraine, spacious, bright, with a large number of fitting rooms, rest areas, free coffee and chocolate. And we do not stop there, we continuously develop novelties of medical clothing, introduce new standards of quality and service.

Now we have developed and created a new, convenient, most visual format for presenting medical clothing on the Internet. And we offer it to you in the form of a review, a funny video clip. We are sincerely glad to be innovators, to work with the most modern forms of communication with Clients.

We wish you a pleasant viewing!

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