Clothes for cosmetologists

A cosmetologist is a special character in the beauty industry.

He, like a magician, gives beauty, happiness and positive emotions. Clients come to the master not only for youth procedures, but also for a good mood. It is very important for a cosmetologist to gain the support of the client and present himself correctly. An important role in self-presentation is played by the appearance of a specialist: well-groomed, neat, clean and, of course, professional clothes.


Clothes for cosmetologists. What is important to know?

1. Convenient and practical. Clothing should be comfortable to use and not restrict movement. Constantly working with hands and having the need for their frequent disinfection, it is better for a beautician to choose a short sleeve or a ¾ sleeve. Also, it will protect the client's skin from transferring bacteria to it, because it is known that a long sleeve can serve as a carrier of them.


2. Cleanliness of professional clothes. Even when working at home in a separate room, you should not meet clients in home clothes. A clean, ironed medical gown or suit will make the right impression on the client. It is important to have at least two sets of clothes to change them. And sometimes the cosmetologist has to change clothes 2-3 times a day due to contamination with drugs, and in this case you need to keep a change kit at hand.


3. Fashionable and modern models. Cosmetologists are inextricably linked with beauty and therefore appearance is their calling card. Feminine and elegant models, beautiful styles will help you look stylish in the eyes of the client. Not so long ago, medical gowns entered the market. For cosmetologists, this is a great alternative to gowns and suits. The dress looks more elegant and emphasizes the beautiful figure of the owner. And by choosing products with an open neck, you will show your well-groomed neck skin to customers.


4. Choose a color. Many salons choose white color in corporate clothing. The white color is associated with purity and sterility, and causes more trust in the client. Moreover, white color is always in trend, and clothes can be highlighted with bright accessories. When choosing white color, do not forget about its impracticality and color. This is a difficult dilemma faced by cosmetologists.


5. Raisin. Yes, you can emphasize your individuality with the help of medical clothes and accessories. It is not necessary to choose a ready-made decorated suit. You can choose a beautiful and stylish brooch for a simple medical gown, dress, or suit. Embroidery of cosmetology elements (sponges, syringe), logo, doctor's name, flowers, etc. will look very beautiful. The company "People in White" is also engaged in product branding. You can get detailed information about the service and place an order by calling +380 (97) 132 08 08.


6. Wear resistance of clothing and its quality. The fabric should not roll or rub. Seams should be finished with a quality thread to minimize the possibility of tearing. The product, which is sewn according to the correct patterns, fits the figure perfectly. Good quality clothes always look expensive and aesthetically pleasing.


Medical products of TM "People in White" undergo three stages of quality control, and only tested products are displayed on supermarket shelves. We are your guarantor of quality!

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