Medical fashion 2019

Medical fashion 2019 - People in White To be in trend - yes! What should doctors wear in 2019? Fashion does not stand still, including medical fashion: images, styles, colors are constantly changing. It is so important for a modern professional to be aware of the latest trends.
In 2019, it is necessary to focus on:
- free, asymmetrical and laconic cut of clothes;
- hidden fasteners;
- v-shaped cutouts;
- sleeves of an unusual shape and a flashlight;
- bright colors, drawings and prints;
- layers in clothes.
The main trends of medical fashion in 2019 are classics, oversized and military styles.

Free and asymmetrical cut

The most popular will be trapezoidal robes and A-silhouette robes for women - they fit slightly, give the image of femininity. The feature of such models is not only in a sense of style, but also in convenience. You will be able to feel comfortable throughout the working day, movements will not be constrained and work will bring only pleasure. Models of robes of this style are often bought, they were popular and will remain in trend in 2019.
Women should choose jackets and trousers with a straight or semi-fitted cut, which is especially important for surgeons. We are often told that it is loose clothing that is associated with doctor's clothing and professionalism - it is not as easy to move quickly and easily in a fitted blouse as in loose clothing. But an elongated back in a women's or men's blouse will become a highlight - asymmetry always looks unusual.
By the way, no one canceled the emphasis on the waist - feel free to take clothes with a belt or decorative decoration in the form of stitches from the shelves.
For men, you should choose robes and suits with a straight cut - connoisseurs of comfort and style will not leave you without compliments.

Hidden fastener

Medical clothes decorated with embroidery and patch pockets will be fashionable. At the same time, the gown, medical or surgical suit should be as simple as possible with a minimum of details, so it is worth choosing clothes with minimally visible or hidden fasteners.
Clothing with a v-neck is a classic for surgeons, in 2019 it is not only a necessity, but also a fashion trend. Robes with a v-shaped neckline have long been loved not only by women, but also by men. Thanks to the cut, women will be able to wear their favorite jewelry and pendants, and men will highlight the neck line.

Sleeves of an unusual shape and a flashlight

Sleeves with a flashlight are a trend this year. Charming women, do not limit yourself only to the classics. Sleeves in the shape of a flashlight give the image even more femininity, lightness and romanticism.

Regarding men's models, straight-cut sleeves with and without cuffs remain in fashion. The sleeves of men's robes and blousons will also be decorated with buttons and buttons.

Colors and prints

The color palette in 2019 will amaze with its brightness. In trend: coral, red, soft pink, yellow, orange, blue, dark blue, the color of the sea wave, mint, gray, lilac and eggplant. White, beige and black will also remain favorites this year, because these colors are so loved by doctors even without it.
I like printed clothes - right in fashion. The "military" print is a trend of 2019, created for brave doctors with an active lifestyle. Plant, cartoon and animal prints will emphasize your individuality and help create a positive atmosphere. Your favorite blouses with cats will be waiting for you on the shelves :-)

Layering in clothes

For some of the doctors, the original, for others the usual way of dressing is supported by fashion trends. Which is especially relevant in the cold season. A dressing gown worn over a suit creates a stylish, professional look, and a vest also keeps you warm. At the same time, you can combine not only different colors, but also materials.
Fashion is constantly changing, in order to be in trend it is not necessary to wear a robe with lantern sleeves or with whips on the cuffs. It is important to listen to yourself and choose clothes that you like the most and are as comfortable as possible for you. We listen to the wishes of our dear customers: we sew favorite models in different colors, prints and fabrics, transform the length of the sleeve, create new models. For us, your comfort and satisfaction from wearing socks is the best reward for our efforts.
Be happy, follow new trends and share your wishes!
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