Is "People in White" just an online store?


Most of the medical workers who learn about us from the Internet and see only this site, ask themselves the question: what is "People in White", probably it is only an online store?

First of all, this is a real supermarket of medical clothes. Not some semi-basement, warehouse, or apartment that sells medical gowns along with clothing for construction workers and refuelers. Namely, a full-fledged, spacious supermarket, which constantly has a large assortment of medical gowns, suits, and surgical suits - of its own production ("People in White" brand).

The supermarket is not located "in the courtyard", in some kind of kindergarten or ZHEK, but right next to the road on Olena Teliga Street, between the Dorogozhichi and Shulyavska metro stations. The supermarket is easy to spot from passing traffic: large windows with mannequins in medical clothes and the sign "Men in White".

There are fitting rooms in the trading hall, you can try on any robe or suit, and ask the opinion of a colleague or friend about it. Which is much more practical than choosing clothes online. If your friend is busy and couldn't come with you, you can take a photo in a bathrobe and send her a photo via the Internet, we have free access to the Wi-Fi network.

You can pay both in cash and by card. A POS terminal for bank cards works together with the cash register. Pleasant music plays in the hall and there is a rest area. We will treat you to tea or coffee, with branded chocolate, as well as the "People in White" brand.

We do everything to ensure that the process of choosing and purchasing medical clothing and footwear is not just convenient, but turns into a pleasant vacation. Come any day, we work without days off!

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