Why are medical clothes blue or green

Blue surgical suit for doctors - People in White

The everyday form of clothing for doctors in most specialties is a white coat. But surgeons prefer colored suits. And many are interested in the question - why are medical clothes blue or green?


In operating rooms, surgeons work under strong lighting conditions. A white suit reflects light well and can not only create an additional strain on the eyes, but also blind the doctor for a moment, which can lead to a serious error, so doctors choose clothes of cold, dim shades for operations.


Another reason why doctors wear green or blue surgical suits is the peculiarities of the functioning of the human eye. During the operation, the doctor concentrates for a long time on objects of one color (most often red is blood and internal organs). Long-term focusing on such bright objects leads to the fact that a person loses sensitivity to small details. In order to relieve the load on the elements of the retina and preserve color vision, doctors wear a form of contrasting red - blue or green.


In addition, green-blue clothing has a calming effect on a person, helps to concentrate better. If you shift your gaze to the green form , your eyes rest a little, the load decreases. That is why the walls of operating rooms are often painted in soft shades of blue or green.


The assortment of TM "People in White" includes a large selection of women's and men's surgical suits in green and blue shades. Everyone can choose stylish and comfortable medical clothes to their taste. Medical polos are also very popular among surgeons.

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