Should medical clothes be made to order?


Sew clothes to order? Yes or no? Today, the assortment of medical clothing is diverse: many models of gowns, suits, blouses, trousers, caps. The clothes are presented in different color solutions, with drawings and prints, fitted or loose, in different fabrics - to your taste.

You can try on and choose ready-made options presented in the sales hall, or order through the online store. And what to do if:

- clothes of the same model and color are needed in large quantities;
- it is necessary to develop an individual corporate style of the company and embroider a logo;
- you want to wear exclusive clothes: a model that is not sold in stores, to emphasize a serious approach to business, your individuality and sense of style;
- the model you want to wear is not available.

In such cases, individual tailoring of clothes to order will help to solve the problem. After all, you can sew any model to order, make certain corrections in it and in the color and quantity that are necessary.

Designers, fashion designers and sewing masters of medical clothing supermarket "Lyudy v Bily" will turn your wishes into reality and create clothes that you will be delighted with.

The process of tailoring medical clothing to order

First, your wishes regarding the model, color, fabric, and sizes are discussed. As a base, for example, you can take a model from the assortment, sew it in a different fabric and color, change the type of fastener, fabric, sleeve length or add a belt. You can sew clothes according to your ready-made sample or the model you liked in the picture, etc.

After discussing the details, it is necessary to take the measurements: you can come to the supermarket (the master will take the measurements) or it is possible for the master to visit the territory of your organization by agreement.

If you want to sew clothes not according to a standard size grid, but according to individual measurements, then you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be several try-ons during the sewing process. This is done in order to fit the model to your figure as much as possible and you got the result you were waiting for.

Advantages of tailoring medical clothing to order

Advantages of individual tailoring:
- an exclusive model or the embodiment of your wishes regarding color, fabric, accessories, quantity of clothes;
- unique corporate style;
- saved time searching for the necessary model or color in different stores.

It often happens that it is necessary to purchase 20 identical gowns of different sizes for the doctors of the department or clinic. The assortment of stores is wide, but fashion and needs change, manufacturers do not sew the same models again, replace them with others or sew models depending on seasonality and requests of doctors. There are 12 robes of the required sizes, and 8 are missing, and other stores do not have such a model, and it is not convenient to order clothes in different places.

The head of the clinic, who professionally approaches the issue of the style of employees and would like to have the same style of clothing in corporate colors, also faces a similar situation.

Doctors, who work in organizations where it is not required to wear clothes of corporate color, want to stand out among colleagues in the profession or wear a favorite model in a color they like. All these tasks and wishes can be easily solved and satisfied with the help of individual tailoring service.


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