Care recommendations

In order for your knitted products to keep their good appearance for a long time, you need to treat them correctly in the process of care and ironing. Therefore, it is necessary to have an idea about the composition of the canvases. We provide you with the most necessary information about the materials we use in the production of women's clothing.

When creating women's clothing for home and leisure, we use high-quality cotton knitted fabrics. A distinctive feature of cotton is its hygroscopicity, that is, the ability to absorb a lot of moisture and not become wet to the touch. It is also very durable and comfortable to wear. Thin cotton fabrics are almost warm, that is, they are an ideal material for summer products, and piled ones are warmer, we use them in autumn - in winter collections of women's clothing.

Cotton fabrics wrinkle a lot and shrink when washed, it is better to iron them slightly damp.

Non-colored cotton can be washed at a temperature of 95° C, colored - at 40° C. When using a washing machine, you can use a universal washing powder for white cotton, for colored - special for washing thin fabrics or without brightener. Drying in the tumble dryer can cause severe shrinkage.

Our elegant blouses and interesting tops are made of viscose knitted fabrics with the addition of elastane fibers. Viscose absorbs moisture better than cotton, but it is not as durable. Wash viscose in the machine or by hand. In the machine - in gentle mode at 40 ° C with washing powder for thin fabrics. Normal drying in a drum dryer is allowed. Viscose knitwear can be hung to dry without wringing or rolled in a sheet and gently wringed. Viscose is ironed in the "silk" mode wet or through a wet cloth.

Elastane fibers give viscose wear resistance and elasticity. ELASTAN is a highly stretchable fiber, known mostly as "Lycra". Rarely used in its pure form, added to other fibers. As a result, tissues become elastic and inevitable. Elastane is a strong fiber. Wash fabrics with elastane fibers with powders for thin fabrics. Do not dry in the dryer. The temperature for washing and ironing knitwear depends on which fibers are included in your blended fabric.