Discounts on medical clothing for wholesale buyers


Medical clothing store in Kyiv "People in white" introduced a system of discounts for wholesale buyers on medical gowns and surgical suits. Depending on the amount of the order, customers are given a discount on honey clothes:

from UAH 1000 - 3%
from UAH 3,000 - 5%
from UAH 5,000 - 7%
from UAH 10,000 - 10%
from UAH 15,000 - 15%
from UAH 20,000 - 20%

Medical clothing wholesale can be ordered instantly (choose from the assortment that is available), or order individual tailoring of products, taking into account special wishes, namely: individual choice of fabric, model, color, style, etc.

When ordering med clothes in bulk, there is an opportunity for a technologist (or manager) to visit the client, for consultation, placing an order, or taking measurements.

Also, when ordering honey clothes from the warehouse, it can be branded. Application of the logo on medical clothing is done with the help of embroidery.

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