Women's medical blouse MK 06115b from the new collection

During the long months of winter, everyone got tired of dull pale colors, so the medical clothing collection of TM "People in White" was replenished with models of saturated juicy shades.

Exclusively for those who value comfort and practicality, MK 06115b blouson in rich "aquamarine" color was created. The playful shade of blue will emphasize the natural beauty of the owner of this blouse.

A good contrast with the main color is formed by the white edging, which decorates the neckline, collar and pockets. The white ribbon not only emphasizes the neckline, but also adds a special zest to the image.

The semi-fitted silhouette emphasizes the advantages of the figure and creates a sophisticated image of a self-confident specialist.

Turn-down collar, ¾ sleeve, rich color - all stylish and favorite details in one model.

To order a medical blouson, go to the link: http://lvb.ua/product/bluzon-medichnij-zhnochij-06115b-aquamarin/

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