Women's blouse MK 06122 from the new collection


We hasten to share the good news - a new collection of medical clothing has arrived at Lyudy v Bilyu supermarket. In this collection, designers embodied the boldest views on medical clothing - it is overflowing with saturated juicy colors and sophisticated patterns.

One of the interesting novelties is the MK 06122 blouson. It is a stylish light green medical jacket. Bright color adds freshness to the image and emphasizes natural beauty.

The comfortable length of the sleeve ¾ does not constrain movements and allows you to perform everyday work simply and easily. With the help of a belt, the blouson can be fitted, emphasizing the elegance of the figure.<

The rounded collar and yoke, decorated with white edging, make the product a true embodiment of femininity.

The blouse is made of light breathable fabric - it is ideal for the warm season.

You can buy a medical blouson at the link: http://lvb.ua/product/kostjum-medichnij-06122-salatovyi/

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