What fabric are medical gowns made of?

Materials for the manufacture of medical clothing - People in White The "Men in White" team has been engaged in the production of medical clothing for more than 8 years, and we have become real experts in this field. Therefore, we will be happy to share our knowledge with you - what fabric medical gowns are made of.

Doctors spend almost the entire working day in gowns and suits, and such clothes must not only be comfortable, but also meet many requirements - be hygienic, easy to care for and durable. The material should retain its neat appearance after frequent washing. Therefore, special fabrics that meet these requirements are used for tailoring medical clothing.

Natural fabrics

Fabrics that are 100% cotton are often used in the production of medical gowns. Such products are well permeable, hygroscopic, suitable for work at any time of the year.

Products made of 100% cotton are somewhat capricious in care - they wrinkle easily, they are quite difficult to iron. It is best to iron such things after washing, slightly damp. Washing at high temperatures can cause fabric shrinkage - the product can become 1-2 sizes smaller.

Mixed fabrics


Fabrics containing various proportions of cotton and polyester are most popular for sewing medical clothing. They are the most practical and easy to care for. Polyester in the composition makes the product more wear-resistant, and cotton allows the body to breathe.

For example, most of the medical clothes are sewn from the "Elegant" fabric, which consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It does not shrink, dries quickly, and practically does not wrinkle. The composition of the fabric guarantees simultaneous ease of care, well-groomed appearance and comfortable wear. It is from such fabric that 80% of the products of TM "People in White" are sewn. Having purchased our products, you can be sure that they will serve for a very long time.




Synthetic materials


Medical clothes made of 100% polyester are very popular among students. Such a robe is cheaper than products made of natural or mixed fabric. It is also easy to care for - polyester clothes dry very quickly and practically do not wrinkle. The only caveat is that polyester robes can become electrified in winter.
Only special wear-resistant fabrics that retain their shape, do not lose color and have good hygienic properties are used to sew products from the "People in White" assortment. The high quality of fabrics, accessories and constant quality control allowed us to introduce a guarantee for clothes of up to 180 days. If the products are washed at the correct temperature, they will retain their presentable appearance for a long time.





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