What should be medical shoes?


The doctor's profession involves constant movement. Regular patient visits, providing assistance, operations all this indicates that a medical worker is really almost constantly in dynamics. And the last thing that should bother a doctor during work is clothes and shoes. It is advisable to wear specialized shoes for doctors at work. Comfortable pad, natural materials, practical design comfort and no harm to health.

How to choose medical shoes?

Specialized footwear for medical workers must meet the following criteria:

- light weight;

- flexible sole;

- breathable upper and insole material;

- a minimum of accessories.

What should be medical shoes?

For medical shoes, the main criterion when choosing is convenience. Medical clogs became the most popular. They differ from ordinary ones in that they are highly hygienic, and due to their light weight, the steps of doctors are practically inaudible. These shoes are comfortable to wear both in winter and in summer, because the "greenhouse effect" is not created. In operating rooms, shoes with anti-slip elements are used.

Shoes with flat soles are not recommended - there is a possible risk of sprains due to the fact that a heavy load is placed on the joints and muscles of the legs. For women's medical shoes, a wedge with a height of 3-4 cm is considered comfortable - thanks to this, you can relieve the spine during prolonged stress. A heel of greater height can cause the development of an intervertebral hernia. Orthopedic insoles are also used to reduce leg fatigue. For more comfortable wearing, it is important to have a flip-up strap or a closed heel.

The form of footwear for medics has special criteria. It should be spacious, but at the same time fit the leg in such a way that the leg is securely fixed. Fingers should not be compressed. It is advisable to choose shoes with a closed toe of a comfortable width. Shoes that are too wide can lead to an increase in the load on the fingers, as a result of which - the appearance of calluses.


In order not to provoke the development of various dermatological diseases, comfortable medical shoes are made mainly of natural materials. It can be leather, nubuck, suede, textiles. Their main function is to allow air to pass through and prevent moisture from accumulating inside.

Shoes made of light synthetic material EVA (ethyl-vinyl-acetate) are also very popular. The assortment of "Men in White" features Coqui TM clogs made of this material. The material has antibacterial properties. Clogs of this brand are resistant to bending, they are easy to care for. The flexible shock-absorbing sole and massage texture of the insole reduce the load on the spine.


Taking into account the fact that everything in a medical institution should be as sterile as possible, in addition to the appearance of the shoes, it is important that they are easy to clean and treat with antiseptic substances. It is for this reason that medical shoes are made without fine decoration.

There are no restrictions on what color medical shoes should be. You can choose clogs for any color of suit or robe.

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