How to whiten medical gowns


A white coat is the standard form of clothing for most medics. Due to active wear, the robe often gets dirty and may turn gray over time. In order for the product to retain its presentable appearance for a long time, it must be washed correctly. All products of TM "People in White" are equipped with detailed instructions for care, depending on the type of fabric.
If, as a result of long-term wearing, the gown has lost its whiteness, you can use one of the proven ways to whiten the medical gown.

Means for whitening

Oxygen bleaches are recognized as a popular way to whiten a medical gown - they do not contain chlorine and are used for washing polycotton, polyester and natural fabrics. Oxygen bleaches can be used as a separate agent and as a powder booster. Before use, it is better to check its effect on a small piece of fabric. It is not advisable to use bleaches with chlorine at all - they can damage the structure of the fabric. Ordinary household soap also helps to restore the newness of clothes and remove dirt. It is necessary to process the dirtiest areas with it and leave it for an hour and a half.
An effective way to whiten a medical gown is to soak it in water with hydrogen peroxide (proportion - 60:1). Periodically, the product must be turned over so that the solution is absorbed evenly.
Citric acid is another agent that can restore whiteness to medical clothing. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to add 20 g of acid to each liter of hot water. It is necessary to soak the products in the solution for 2-3 hours, then automatic or manual washing.
Instead of citric acid, you can take the juice of fresh lemons in the proportion of 1 medium lemon per 1 liter of water.
Importantly! Only clothes with plastic accessories can be soaked in a solution of citric acid. Metal fasteners can become covered with rust after prolonged soaking.
An effective remedy for bleaching a medical gown at home is a mixture of salt, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The ingredients must be prepared in a ratio of 2:1:3. Dissolve half a glass of the mixture in two liters of warm water, soak things in it for several hours. To enhance the whitening effect, you can add a little washing powder to the water. It is very important to rinse things thoroughly afterwards, because separations can occur.
Oddly enough, another way to whiten a white coat is a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is necessary to dissolve a spoonful of potassium permanganate in a large amount of water (7-10 liters) and add 50 g of washing powder to it. Put a robe in the solution and leave it for a couple of hours. After that , rinse and wash as usual.

Causes of yellowness

There are many reasons why a white coat can turn gray or yellowish. This is both hard water and the wrong washing temperature. In order not to think about how to whiten medical gowns, it is necessary to follow the following care rules, which are required by the fabric from which the products are sewn:
- polycotton and polyester robes must be washed at a temperature of up to 40 degrees;
- it is undesirable to wash cotton robes together with things made of synthetics or wool - this can lead to the appearance of a gray shade;
- white robes with colored inserts are better to wash by hand in water at room temperature. Washing in hot water can cause the dye from the colored inserts to stain the main fabric of the robe;
- when washing in hard water, it is better to rinse the clothes in an aqueous solution of vinegar - this will prevent the appearance of yellowness.
Before bleaching the medical gown, you need to thoroughly clean the drain of the washing machine - it can become a source of gray deposits on white fabric.

A guarantee of flawless appearance

If the product is properly cared for, it will retain its neat appearance for a long time. At the time of purchase, together with the gown, you will receive a "Warranty Obligations" booklet, which describes how best to care for the medical clothing depending on the type of fabric and color. This same booklet is a guarantee of the quality of our products - the entire assortment is covered by a guarantee of up to 180 days. If during this period the product loses its color, the seams or fittings are damaged - be sure to bring the clothes to us, we will refund the money or exchange it for a new one.
We are confident in the impeccable quality of "People in White" products!
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