How to choose a medical vest?

Vest for medics - People in White How to keep warm when outside the window is frost and snowy weather? Of course, you can drink a cup of your favorite coffee or aromatic tea, chat with colleagues, give patients a smile and hope. And you can also buy a warm fleece or quilted vest TM "People in White" and not think about the winter cold, because it is so warm and comfortable.

How to choose a vest? Pay attention to three important things:
- material;
- presence and density of insulation;
- style



Today, medical vests are sewn from fleece or polyester (raincoats) and insulated with sintepon.
For some, fleece
is a favorite material since childhood: hypoallergenic, soft and light. In addition, it dries quickly, allows air to pass through and retains heat. It is easy to wash and does not need to be ironed.

Quilted vests, sewn from polyester and insulated with sintepon
- a warm, stylish and indispensable thing in the cold season. Polyester is a practical and durable material that is also easy to care for. Light and soft sintepon vests perfectly retain heat, immediately restore their shape after wrinkling.

You can combine a quilted or fleece vest with any clothing: a polo shirt, long or three-quarter sleeve blouses, a dressing gown, etc.


Availability of insulation

The higher the insulation density, the warmer and more comfortable you will feel in autumn and winter.
Sintepon comes in different densities, so it is able to warm you and perform its functions under certain temperature conditions. Most often, medical vests are sewn from sintepon with a density of 150 g/m 2 - the material is able to warm you at temperatures down to -5 degrees Celsius.

Fleece also has different densities, most often it is an average density - about 230 g/m 2 . Such clothes and a hot cup of tea will keep you warm in any weather, and working in a vest is a pleasure.


Styles of medical vests

Vests can be straight cut, semi-fitted, fitted. Which one to choose is up to you. For women who like loose clothes, the MZH 001 fleece model is perfect. It is so soft and pleasant to the touch, warm and comfortable with a stand-up collar, with a zipper, and you can put the necessary little things in the pocket.

A semi-fitted model will emphasize the femininity of the figure, and if the vest has a v-neck, it will also highlight the neck line. The 002 diamond quilted vest combines these characteristics.

Fitted models will perfectly suit the fairer sex. You can pay attention to the 006 model - with a stand-up collar, a zipper hidden under the bar, quilted, so warm and stylish. The fit is adjusted with snaps on the button on the sides.


Come to the supermarket of medical clothes "People in White"! Try on, buy vests and warm yourself with delicious tea or aromatic coffee

Warm wishes to you and a wonderful mood!

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