How to choose and buy a medical gown correctly


Many criteria must be taken into account when choosing a medical gown material, features of the figure, specifics of the profession, features of the model. We help each client choose the right product that will emphasize the advantages of the figure and allow him to comfortably perform professional duties. We will share our experience with you - how to choose a medical gown.


If there are no specific requirements for the material, it is better to buy a medical gown made of mixed fabric. The optimal combination of polyester and cotton allows you to preserve the useful properties of both materials - high wear resistance, hygroscopicity, ease of care. That is why mixed fabrics are used for sewing most of the "People in White" assortment.

Students most often choose robes made of 100% polyester. It is an inexpensive fabric that practically does not wrinkle and dries quickly. Such a robe can be worn all day in a backpack and it will still remain tidy. The only drawback is that the fabric can become electrified in winter.

For working with reagents, it is better to choose a robe made of 100% cotton. Fabrics with polyester can melt if chemicals get on them. Cotton is resistant to the influence of reagents - it is enough to wash the robe and it will be like new. Cotton robes are pleasant to the body and hypoallergenic. The fabric allows air to pass through well - you will be comfortable in such a product at any time of the year. The disadvantage of cotton is capriciousness in care. Such robes are easily wrinkled, they are difficult to iron. Washing at high temperatures can cause shrinkage.


One of the most important criteria for choosing a medical gown is its size. When trying on the product, it is necessary to take into account that it should be comfortable, nothing should constrain movements. To check whether the size of the robe is suitable, it is necessary to fasten it on all the buttons and actively move - spread your arms to the sides, squat, bend over, raise your arms in front of you. If at the same time you feel stiffness and discomfort , it is advisable to choose a product one size larger.

Allowance for freedom of movement from 4 to 10 centimeters is generally accepted. This means that the parameters of the robe should be greater than your parameters by at least 4 cm. Key parameters when choosing clothes:

- chest girth;

- waist circumference;

- girth of hips.

Based on the results of the measurements, you can choose a robe without leaving your home and order delivery on the website.


The style of the robe must be chosen based primarily on the specifics of the profession. So, for work in the laboratory, it is advisable to choose gowns with long sleeves and a stand-up collar to protect the skin from the ingress of unwanted substances. If the specialty requires frequent hand washing, 3/4 sleeve gowns will be the most convenient they do not need to be rolled up, the cuffs will not get dirty.

If there are no requirements for the style of the robe, you can choose and buy a robe based on the features of the figure. For example, fitted models of gowns or products with a belt will look good on female doctors with an "hourglass" figure. Such a model will help emphasize the advantages of the figure.

The assortment of TM "People in White" presents robes for any type of figure - fitted, free cut, semi-fitted with a belt, with a high waist and even a fashionable A-silhouette that expands to the bottom.


Before you correctly choose and buy a medical gown, it is advisable to find out if there are any requirements for the dress code of the employees of the medical institution where you work. Many clinics choose a wardrobe for employees in accordance with corporate colors. Sometimes employees of different departments are dressed in uniforms of a certain color. For example, for the pediatric department - pink suits, for surgery - green or blue.

Students of medical educational institutions should choose white gowns with a minimum of colored inserts and decor.

A larger space for choice appears if there are no restrictions on color. Products in pastel shades of mint, pink, and blue are popular. Black and graphite-colored medical clothing is also in fashion.


An important criterion when choosing a robe is the quality of tailoring. A robe with manufacturing defects can quickly come apart at the seams, the fittings can be damaged. Choosing "People in White" medical clothing, you can be sure of its high quality. Before reaching the supermarket shelves, each product undergoes a triple quality check and only those products that have passed a strict selection are presented in the sales hall.

Order a gown and see for yourself the impeccable quality of "People in White" medical clothing!

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