How to choose medical pants


Pants are an important element in the professional wardrobe of every doctor.

Medical trousers can be worn not only in combination with a blouson (the upper part of the suit), but also with shortened models of a robe or polo shirt. It is very important that medical trousers are practical, comfortable to wear and do not restrict movement.


The question remains relevant, how to choose the right medical trousers? What style, fabric, color to choose? Let's deal with all the details in turn.


Belt types

The belt is one of the main criteria when choosing medical pants and there are several types:

- the belt is elastic. In this case, a tight wide elastic band fits well to the waist and holds the trousers in this area. Pants with an elastic band are easy and quick to put on, which is extremely important in the work of a doctor.


- elastic belt on a string. In addition to the elastic band, the belt has a drawstring that provides a tighter fit to the waist. The plus of such a belt is the free adjustment of the volume, and the minus is that it will take a little more time to tie this type of belt.


- combined belt. As a rule, this is a fixed belt with inserts of an elastic band on the sides or behind. These pants are fastened with a button and a zipper. The classic model of trousers with a combined belt looks stylish and elegant.



The color scheme plays an important role when choosing medical pants. When buying the lower part of the clothes, it is worth remembering about your top (blouse or robe). For a harmonious image, the trousers should be the same tone as the blouse or one tone darker. Universal colors such as white, dark blue, dark gray can be combined with a large number of colors, thus obtaining a completely new composition.


You can create an interesting and bright bow by choosing trousers in the same color as the decor of a blouson or robe. The color of the trousers can be combined with a colored edging or drawstring, with buttons or a zipper on the top, with a sleeve cuff or a collar.


Pants of dark tones are well suited to curvaceous women. Legs will appear more elegant and long. White color is a medical classic. And bright colors will add freshness to your image.


Fabric composition and density

As a rule, medical trousers are sewn from natural or mixed fabric. Cotton products are hygroscopic and allow the body to breathe, and the addition of polyester ensures high wear resistance of the material. Pants made of mixed fabrics wrinkle less and are easier to care for.


Based on the season, you need to select the density of the fabric. For socks in the warm period, it is better to buy trousers made of light fabric, such as "Batist" or "Universal", which contain a large percentage of cotton. At the same time, pay attention, the fabric may show through a little. Medical trousers made of such fabric are better worn under a robe or an elongated blouse. Closer to winter, it is better to think about trousers made of denser fabric.


Size and length

When choosing medical pants, it is important to choose the right size, which will ensure comfortable wear and freedom of movement.


When buying a product in the sales hall, you can choose the right size during the fitting process. And what to do if you order trousers online? Take a centimeter tape and let's go wink

- measure the waist circumference at its narrowest part;

- measure the girth of the hips in their widest part through the most protruding points of the buttocks.


When measuring, the centimeter tape should fit tightly, without strong tension.


Now you can easily determine the size and our size grid will help with this.


It is impossible to judge the optimal length of trousers, everything is purely individual. But referring to the classics, the back of the pants should cover the heel. And if you prefer shoes with heels or wedges, the length should reach the middle of the heel. In the "People in White" supermarket, the master will shorten the trousers to the required length free of charge.


Choose only high-quality and proven medical clothing! And we will always help you choose.

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