How to choose a suit for a clinic administrator?


How to choose clothes for an administrator? The key space on which the first and most vivid impression of a clinic or medical center depends is the administrator's desk. When opening an institution, it is important to pay maximum attention to the arrangement of the reception desk and the administrator's outfit. A suit that matches the corporate colors, perfectly fits the figure, neat shoes - all this is instantly read by the visitor on a subconscious level and forms his opinion about the company.


A properly selected suit for an administrator allows you to get many advantages:

  • separate from competitors;
  • emphasize a high level of organization;
  • increase customer loyalty.

It is very important that the clothes of the administrator harmoniously combine with the interior of the clinic, fit well, be durable and comfortable. We will share our experience and tell you what clothes to choose for the clinic administrator.


Color scheme


If a corporate style has already been developed for the company, then when choosing a suit for the administrator, it is necessary to adhere to its framework. So, if the corporate colors are purple and yellow, then the clothes should be of the corresponding colors. For example, a yellow plain top and purple pants. Or completely purple clothes with yellow inserts - their number and location depends on the features of the suit model.


If the clinic does not have clear criteria regarding the color of the form, you can stop at universal colors. White, blue and menthol are associated with purity, sterility, freshness.




The most common type of uniform for an administrator is a medical button-up blouse and trousers.


A complete set of clothes for a reception worker looks like this:


  • button-up blouse or polo shirt;
  • roomy pants with an average fit;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • embroidered logo of the clinic on the blouson.


Buy ready-made clothes or sew to order?


The answer depends on the number of employees and the corporate dress code. For example, if the team is small and there is no clear framework regarding the color of clothing, it will be more practical to purchase ready-made products at the "People in White" supermarket. For a small run, the cost of tailoring can be significantly higher than for ready-made items that were sewn in a large batch. Ready-made clothes can be embroidered with the logo of a clinic or medical center, the initials of an employee.


If the team is large or it is necessary to adhere to the corporate style, it is much more convenient to tailor everything to an individual order. In this case, you can take into account the features of the employees' figure, choose a fabric and color that will fully meet the requirements of the corporate dress code.


Shoes for the administrator of the medical center


The main criterion for choosing shoes for a reception worker is that they should be comfortable. And it is desirable that the color matches the suit.


For the clinic administrator, you can choose the following shoe options:


  • Wedge leather shoes. It looks feminine and elegant, visually makes the figure slimmer. The insole and sole are made of non-slip materials, which allows active movement at work without the risk of falling.
  • Clogs made of polyvinyl chloride. Most models of such shoes are universal, of the same shape and color for men and women. These are spacious, comfortable shoes designed for long-term work on the feet. The insole and sole have shock-absorbing properties, which allows you to remove static load from the feet.
  • Clogs made of EVA material (thermoelastoplast). These are light practical shoes that can be sterilized in an autoclave. Clogs are as comfortable as possible - the sole has a non-slip relief and a heel with shock-absorbing properties. Most models are equipped with a reinforced insole, resistant to punctures and mechanical damage.


Branding of medical clothing


Embroidery of the clinic's logo on the suit of the administrator and other employees will increase brand recognition. This is especially important if your company is not located in a separate building, but rents offices on the territory of a large clinic or medical center. The company's employees, dressed in branded clothes in company colors, will become additional advertising for it.


There are several ways to apply embroidery:

  • For the finished product;
  • On a piece of clothing before sewing;
  • On a chevron.

There are more than 800 shades of threads available - this will allow you to choose the color that will match your corporate style as accurately as possible.


Thus, you can choose high-quality clothes for the clinic administrator right here, in the online store or in the sales hall of the "People in White" supermarket. We will help you choose a suit that will meet all requirements - wear-resistant, comfortable to wear, sewn in corporate colors.

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