What is the name of medical clothing?


The fashion for medical clothing is developing very rapidly and in addition to the usual gowns and suits, many other products appeared on sale. The company "People in White" is not only an expert, but also a trendsetter - someone who dictates medical fashion and introduces novelties. We will share our experience with you and tell you what medical clothing is called.

Medical gowns

This is the most common type of professional clothing in a doctor's wardrobe. The white coat is associated with sterility, safety and reliability, so it has become a symbol of medical activity. Fabrics made of cotton or polycotton , a mixed fabric containing cotton and polyester in various proportions, are most often used for tailoring . Thanks to this composition and special fabric structure, the products are pleasant to the body, do not cause irritation, and retain their shape and color for a long time.

Medical gowns became a popular novelty. They allow you not only to work comfortably, but also to look elegant and feminine. For example, if you combine the MH 0645 dress with heels and add some jewelry , you can safely go on a date in it.

Medical blouses

These are clothes equipped with a fastener - buttons, zipper or buttons. It is worn on top of underwear. The second name of the blouson is a medical jacket. This product, like the gown, is designed to protect the doctor's skin from unwanted substances and protect the patient from bacteria that may be on the doctor's everyday clothes.

Medical blouses can be fitted and have a looser cut, have different sleeve lengths. Men's medical blousons, made in the form of a classic shirt - with a turn-down collar, long sleeves and cuffs - became very popular. It differs from a shirt in a looser cut that provides freedom of movement and a special wear-resistant breathable fabric.

Surgical suits and overalls

Surgical blouses (tops) are products of straight cut, worn over the head. Often, such blouses are worn during operations, so they are devoid of any decor and fasteners, they always have short sleeves.

For sewing surgical blousons, the same fabric is used as for gowns. They should withstand frequent washing, maintaining their original appearance, be pleasant to the body and have good air permeability.

Surgical suits ("pajamas") consist of roomy pants with elastic and a surgical blouse. You can buy a surgical suit as a set or choose separately a blouse and pants to your taste.

Medical polos are often used as an alternative to a surgical top. They look stylish, sit nicely on the figure and do not restrict movement. A knitted fabric is used for tailoring a polo shirt, most often made of 100% cotton. You can find out more and order a polo by following the link .

Medical caps

Medical caps are headgear designed to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards in medical institutions. There are different forms of caps - high, drop-shaped, in the form of a bandana. Doctors choose the design and color of the cap at their discretion. You can choose a classic plain version or choose a cap with a bright, unusual print.

Most often, hats are sewn from 100% cotton. Such caps are very light, hypoallergenic, breathable.

Medical vests

In order for medics to be able to dress warmly at work and not violate the professional dress code, medical vests are used. Vests are made taking into account the requirements for medical clothing - with a tough wear-resistant top material, high-quality insulation and spacious pockets. Waistcoats go well with both a robe and a suit.

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