How to find out shoe size?

Did you like the shoes on the website of the online store and are you afraid of not guessing the size?

We will simplify the task and help you correctly determine the shoe size. At the same time, it is not necessary to have the talent of an artist. The easiest way to find out the shoe size is to measure the length of the foot or the insole. You don't need to draw the leg completely with a pencil!


How to find out the shoe size using the foot length parameter?

Size grids of manufacturers differ, so it is better to determine the size using the foot length parameter. It is necessary to draw only two horizontal lines and measure the distance between them, this method gives a clear result. It is difficult to completely circle your foot - it is easy to make a mistake: draw a line closer to the longest toe or heel or vice versa further and we will get a result that does not correspond to reality.

How to take measurements and find out the shoe size?


This is very easy to do:

1. Put your foot on a sheet of paper in a standing position (it is preferable to do this in the evening - the foot increases in the evening) and with the support of a friend :-) ).
2. Put the rulers on the floor so that one lies immediately behind the heel, and the other in front of the most prominent toe (as in Figure 1). Important: put the ruler so that it does not lie under the foot (under the heel or under the toe), but at the point where the lines in Figure 2 visually intersect.

3. Draw two lines.

4. Measure the distance between them (picture 3) - this is the length of your foot.


Definition of foot length - People in WhiteFoot length - People in White


It is advisable to measure both feet, if the lengths differ - choose a larger value.

We look for this value in the size table and choose ours.


How to determine shoe size using the insole length parameter?

You can also measure the length of the insole of the shoe that fits you well and tell the manager the parameter. How to do it: measure the distance from the extreme point of the heel to the longest toe. The manager measures the length of the shoe insole and recommends the size that is best to choose.


Courier delivery of stock sizes

A great and convenient option would be courier delivery of shoes with a "spare size" - you try on adjacent sizes. It is easy and simple to make such a delivery in the online store of medical clothing "People in White" - ask the manager to add adjacent sizes to the order. If the delivery will be from another city, it is an easy mathematical problem and the shoes will fit perfectly on your feet.

Good socks!

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