Where to buy medical shoes?

Footwear for medical workers is a special type of footwear used by medical personnel during work. It should be comfortable and meet the requirements of health and safety standards. Its main purpose is to provide maximum comfort while walking and standing, evenly distributing the load on the foot.

Comfortable shoes for doctors. How to choose the right medical shoes

It is very important for medical workers to have quality and comfortable shoes, as they spend a lot of time on their feet. These can be light sneakers or other options with anti-slip soles to prevent injuries. Such shoes can have antibacterial properties that prevent the spread of infections in medical facilities.

However, not every model of medical footwear can provide the necessary support and protection of the feet. For maximum efficiency of use, it is important to observe certain criteria for its selection:

  1. Shoes for medical workers should have the right shape - a wide, round sock that does not squeeze the toes and does not provoke swelling and calluses. The foot should move freely, and the blood flow should not be disturbed.
  2. It is worth choosing medical shoes with a light elastic sole with a non-slip surface and the correct orthopedic rise within 3.5-4 cm. The sole made of artificial raw materials has an antistatic effect and provides high-quality cushioning during movement.
  3. The upper material of medical shoes should be breathable, such as leather and quality synthetic materials. This will ensure high-quality heat exchange, "foot breathing" and prevent the appearance of bacteria and odors.
  4. The insole of shoes for medical workers must be orthopedic or have an insole. Gel insoles can be adjusted to the shape of the foot and provide comfort.
  5. The presence of a welt on the insole provides additional fixation of the leg without squeezing.
  6. The correct model should be securely fixed on the leg with the help of a belt-whip. Some models have the ability to turn the belt-whip to ensure complete freedom of movement.
  7. The size and width of the pad should be selected precisely according to your size. A model that is too loose will rub, and one that is too tight will cause swelling and pain.
  8. Choose models that are easy to care for - this will provide you with comfort and help you avoid unnecessary troubles. For example, leather and smooth synthetic raw materials can simply be wiped with a damp cloth to preserve their original appearance.

Specialized stores of medical footwear

Investing in a professional wardrobe is a smart move to maintain your comfort, foot and musculoskeletal health. If you are looking for a place to buy high-quality, comfortable shoes for doctors, specialized medical shoe stores are the best option.

Such stores specialize in shoes for doctors, so here you will find a wide selection of products taking into account the specifics of the profession. In addition, in such stores you can usually find consultants who will help with the selection according to individual needs and requirements.

Why it is better to buy high-quality shoes for a medical worker in the LVB store

The professional wardrobe of doctors should be comfortable and stylish. In the LVB online store you will find the largest assortment of medical shoes in Ukraine, which will help you find the best option and buy quality shoes for a medical worker.

The LVB medical footwear store offers a wide selection of professional footwear for doctors, including:

  1. Clogs, which is considered one of the most convenient and practical options. Our range includes clogs with various thematic prints and additional options such as fixed or folding belt-whip, welt, gel insole.
  2. Sneakers that are suitable for doctors and beauticians who spend the whole working day in active movement. They have an optimal specialized construction on the laces, which ensures the fixation of the foot and absorbs the load.
  3. Coqui - suitable for medical workers who need to spend the entire shift on their feet. The inner surface is covered with massage elements, they relax the leg and improve blood circulation.
  4. Crocs are easy to care for - they can simply be washed with soap and water and wiped with a soft cloth. They do not slide on the tile, do not lose their shape and color, and always have an attractive appearance.
  5. Slip-ons are light, soft, comfortable and beautiful. Such medical shoes are inexpensive, which makes them quite popular. In addition, we can decorate classic white slipons with a hand-made pattern.

Order medical shoes at affordable prices in the LVB online store with fast delivery. When you buy shoes in our store, you get a guarantee of quality and comfort for a long time.

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