Shoes for massage therapists


As everyone knows, the main tool of a massage therapist is the hands. At the same time, professionals one should not forget about the important thing the health of the feet!

How to choose comfortable and convenient shoes? What criteria are important when choosing shoes for massage therapists? We will be happy to tell you how the shoes should be.

Each specialist independently chooses the form of clothing and the type of shoes in which it will be more convenient for him to work (of course, if you are lucky and you missed the dress code). Someone is comfortable working barefoot or in socks. This is acceptable when performing oriental massage techniques. Do not forget that during massage you need a firm grip on the floor surface so that your feet do not slide.

What should you remember when choosing shoes?

In the work of a massage therapist, the feet take all the brunt. Very often during the day, and especially at the end of the working day, you can feel pain and severe fatigue in your back and legs. That is why it is so important to choose the right shoes for massage therapists.

Important criteria when choosing shoes:

- easy and convenient

- low heel or wedge (2-3 cm)

- shoes that do not rub the heel

- support for the medial arch of the foot.

Shoes should fit the leg tightly, without squeezing it. Tight shoes lead to impaired blood circulation in the lower extremities. It's also bad when shoes fit too loosely, leading to calluses and chafing.

A low stable heel or wedge reduces the load on the spine and supports correct posture, and a small rise on the inside supports the arch of the foot.

Our advice is to take the time to choose new shoes. Try on two shoes at once and walk around the hall. Feel whether it is really convenient and comfortable for you, whether the foot is positioned correctly, and whether the new shoes will not press.

What characteristics should you pay attention to when choosing shoes for massage therapists?

1. Massage effect. We recommend buying shoes with a massage insole, which will help relieve the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the lower limbs, muscle tension, and stimulate blood circulation.

2. Anti-slip effect. It is important to choose shoes with a relief sole. Such a sole will protect against falls and injuries.

3. Antibacterial effect. Ask the seller what material the shoe is made of and what properties it has. Antibacterial material prevents excessive sweating, the appearance of an unpleasant odor and the reproduction of bacteria.

4. Strength and wear resistance. It is always nice to buy quality products that will last a long time.

Convenient and comfortable TM Coqui shoes are endowed with all the listed characteristics. The shoes of this brand are made of light and durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material. And another nice bonus is easy maintenance. Clogs can be purchased for every day. Antibacterial material and perforation will not allow unpleasant odor to appear on the feet, and in case of contamination, it is enough to wash the shoes in warm running water.

You can choose comfortable shoes for massage therapists by following the link .

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