Trends in medical clothing: which models, colors and prints are popular this season

Designers of medical clothing usually take into account the fashion trends of the season. However, the uniform must always meet the standards, so you cannot transfer any trends to it. When creating a new model line of medical uniforms, it is necessary to maintain a balance between protection, comfort and style, only then the overalls for doctors will be modern and comfortable.

Stylish clothes for doctors

Over the past decades, medical clothing has changed rapidly. New colors, styles, decorations were added, non-traditional medical suits appeared - with raglans and hoodies.

The assortment is so wide that every medical worker can find the best outfit for himself, which will emphasize his individuality. Only the main requirements for medical clothing - protection and comfort - remain unchanged.

In general, several stylistic directions in clothing for the medical field are in trend this year:

  1. Sports. It is characterized by a free cut and high-quality fabrics, suitable for men and women. Clothing does not restrict movement, it is always very comfortable to work in it.
  2. Minimalism. The style is characterized by the absence of unnecessary details and decor, restraint, laconic design, calm shades, because nothing should distract the doctor from his work.
  3. Asymmetry. It is achieved due to an asymmetric cut, seams and decorative elements. Creates an interesting visual effect, emphasizes the slenderness of the figure.
  4. Versatility. Allows you to combine items of medical clothing and accessories in any way, creating different looks every day and adapting them to the season.

Material for medical clothing

The choice of fabric is an extremely important component of the comfortable wearing of the product. Therefore, specialized materials for medical clothing are in fashion every season, in particular mixed materials. The 2023 trend is stretch fabrics that combine a natural base made of cotton or linen and synthetic fibers of spandex or elastane. Their advantages:

  • elasticity
  • resistance to deformation and shrinkage
  • easy care
  • durability
  • good thermoregulation.

Medical clothes made of such material look stylish and neat regardless of the style, as they always have a perfect fit and are very comfortable to wear. That is why he is at the peak of popularity among medical professionals.

Trendy colors of medical uniforms

No matter what twists and turns medical fashion makes, white color always remains in trend. Every doctor has at least one white coat or suit in his wardrobe, because it is a classic. But for everyday wear, medical personnel mostly choose other uniform colors depending on their own taste or the corporate style of the institution.

The color range of medical clothing is quite wide and new products are added every year. This season's fashion offers bright colors that can refresh the image:

  • purple - in particular, a shade of periwinkle
  • orange
  • peachy
  • saffron yellow
  • purple-red
  • aquamarine.

Pastel shades of medical clothing also remain popular:

  • soft pink
  • blue
  • green.

The choice of clothing color is also influenced by the specialization of the medical worker. In particular, the specifics of the operating room require the uniforms of the staff to be green and blue, and pediatricians and psychologists choose a bright color to create a favorable atmosphere at the reception.

Fashionable prints of this season

Trending prints of medical clothes in 2023:

  • natural motifs – flowers, trees, clouds, sun, water
  • image of heart
  • animal prints - leopard, python.

Also fashionable are embroidery in the form of thematic drawings, prints and patches that indicate the doctor's specialization, which is especially relevant for dentists and pediatricians. It can be a trademark of the institution or a personal preference of the employee.

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