Sweets for our customers


Dear friends!

As you know, we treat all customers of Lyudy v Bilyo medical clothing supermarket with aromatic coffee or delicious tea. And with it, also for free, we offer branded chocolate. Since the beginning of this year, we have had a new branded chocolate: black, white, milk. Now we treat all Customers with exactly the kind of chocolate shown in this photo!


Many, even the most advanced Ukrainian supermarkets, cannot afford such a high level of customer care. And we do everything to make your visit to us a holiday! To make the selection and purchase of medical clothing in the "Lyudy v Bily" supermarket a pleasant event of the month!


Come to the supermarket, located at the address of Kyiv, st. Olena Teliga 3, taste the new chocolate! And we will do everything to make choosing medical clothes a pleasant event!

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