We are looking for a person to join the team

The staff of the company "People in White" is looking for a positive, friendly employee to work in the sales hall of the supermarket on a permanent basis.

It is not necessary to be an experienced salesperson or master of all sales techniques, it is not necessary to have any experience in retail or sales of casual or medical clothing.

The main thing is to love people, be positive and friendly, sensitive and attentive. These are the main qualities that we would like to see in an applicant. These are the basic qualities on which the team of the "People in White" company is formed.

We have assembled a team of friendly people and are constantly expanding it. Join in!

Requirements for the seeker:
- Gender male or female
- Age from 22 to 32
- Openness, orientation towards people.

Work - in Kyiv (between Shulyavska station and Dorohozhychi station).
The salary is high.
The operating mode is 3 through 2, according to the supermarket's schedule.
Official employment, paid vacation, sick leave.

Please send your resume to vlad@lvb.ua to book an interview

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