Sensational news in the world of medical clothing!


We are pleased to inform the employees of the medical field that at the address: Kyiv, str. Olena Teliga 3, since March 2013, the supermarket of medical clothes "People in white" has been opened.

Коллектив супермаркету

"People in White" supermarket is a qualitatively new format of a medical clothing supermarket. Among others, we are distinguished by a large assortment of medical clothing and accessories, affordable prices, our own production, and a convenient location.

The "People in White" brand is a leader in the field of tailoring medical clothing .

More than fifty satisfied customers every day, Internet orders from all corners of Ukraine testify to affordable

Вибір медичного одягу prices, high quality and professionalism of the staff of the medical clothing supermarket "People in White". A comfortable trading hall, a discount discount program, friendly service create the most favorable conditions for a good mood and successful shopping.

The "People in White" trademark is the coordinated work of a team united by a common goal: to fulfill the client's order on time and with high quality. Professional designers develop original clothing collections and individual models, listening to the needs and wishes of customers. Employees of the factories located in Kozyatyn and Vinnytsia and the experimental workshop make every effort to fulfill the order quickly and efficiently. The store staff will be happy to offer an assortment of models and provide the necessary advice.

The list of our services invariably includes:

- sale of embroidered models of medical clothing and medical accessories;

- tailoring of medical clothes according to individual sizes;

- tailoring of medical clothes according to individual models and colors;

- development of the style of medical clothing for clinics, medical centers and other medical facilities.

- application of an individual logo;

- for wholesale orders, it is possible for a technologist to come out to take measurements.

The well-established logistics system allows for delivery to the specified address at the specified time, and the variety of payment methods makes it possible to choose the most optimal one for each buyer.

Taking care of all its customers, the "People in White" brand has developed a system of discounts and promotions.

Visit the medical clothing supermarket and see for yourself the affordability of prices, product quality and service.

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