What to wear to work during pregnancy?


An active position in life, a job that she likes, and a warm atmosphere in the team often keep the expectant mother from going on sick leave in the second and even in the third trimester of pregnancy. And really, girls, if your favorite job does not involve excessive physical exertion and also allows you to influence the financial situation in the family, then why not work a couple of extra months before preparing for childbirth?

In a friendly team, the time before childbirth will pass much faster and more imperceptibly than when you are alone on vacation. Work, communication with colleagues will distract from waiting for the upcoming birth, from constant unnecessary thoughts and possible fears. Therefore, if the work is not nervous and there are no special contraindications, many expectant mothers are in no hurry to go on sick leave until the middle of the third trimester and continue to lead an active lifestyle.

And it is for such modern, dynamic, future mothers that the company "People in White" has developed and produces medical suits with the article number MK 06219. The blouse of this suit is created in such a way that it looks good both on the figure in the first months of pregnancy and on 30 weeks This effect is achieved due to the special cut of the lower part of the blouson. The free, slightly flared cut of the bottom, and also with hidden fasteners-buttons, neatly frames the tummy even at the extreme stages of pregnancy.

Blouse MK 06219 "People in White" will advantageously emphasize the attractiveness of the future mother in the most significant and most difficult days for her, the days of carrying a child. And will give a sea of warm, touched looks, both from colleagues and visitors.

The blouse can be purchased in the shopping hall of the "People in White" supermarket and on the website lvb.ua. To go to the product page, click on the link .

The blouse can be combined with your white, light-colored trousers, or with trousers from the assortment line "People in White", thus creating a medical suit.

Description of MK 06219 blouson:

fabric - "Elegant" (65% polyester, 35% cotton), density - 165 g/m;
color – terracotta, purple, crimson and white;
sleeve - long with a cuff;
neckline - round, without a collar;
pockets - two slips, located at the bottom;
silhouette – high waist line, silhouette extended to the bottom;
blouson fastener - 3 large buttons at the top, from the waistline - buttons closed with a bar;
size grid - from 38 to 60 size.

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