What to wear under a medical gown


The specificity of the profession obliges medics not only to wear a white coat, but also to choose an everyday wardrobe that will meet certain requirements. There are no strict criteria forming the dress code of doctors, but there are recommendations that should be followed.

For example, an operating suit is worn exclusively on the naked body. The opposite is true with a medical gown. Between the gown and the doctor's underwear, it is desirable to have an additional layer - everyday clothes, which on the one hand will absorb body secretions, and on the other hand - will protect against the ingress of biological fluids.

Dress code for male doctors

Men wear medical clothes in combination with a pressed shirt and trousers. A tie will be the perfect addition to such an image. A wide variety of the men's collection of medical clothing TM "People in White" allows the doctor to look professional and stylish. For example, men's medical shirts are very popular - they can be combined with a gown or worn as a separate wardrobe item.

Sports clothes, products made of transparent fabric are not allowed. It is advisable to wear clothes made of natural fabric under the robe, which provides thermoregulation and air exchange.

Shoes are variable. It can be comfortable clogs, crocs or moccasins. At the event, in some clinics, it is allowed to conduct the reception even in sports shoes.

What to wear under a medical gown for women

Medical women can wear a business dress under the gown. You can also combine a blouse, shirt or thin pullover with classic trousers or a skirt. It is desirable that the length of the skirt or dress does not exceed the length of the robe. In most medical institutions, the length of the gown covering 2/3 of the thigh is considered standard.

Clothing with a deep neckline, shorts and mini-skirts are not recommended. Clothes should not be bright, muted shades.

For women who wear medical clothes over their underwear, it is advisable to choose gowns made of dense fabric that does not glow. Underwear should not show under the robe or look out from under it. For underwear, without additional clothes, medical gowns are usually worn. For example, our assortment includes white and colored dresses that meet even the strictest dress code and allow you to look feminine even at work.

The doctor's shoes should be variable, with low heels or wedges. It is advisable to choose shoes that are as comfortable as possible, with a comfortable sole that prevents slipping.

Small decorations are allowed to comply with the rules of infection control. Unwanted scarves and neckerchiefs.

For work in a cool room, you can wear a medical vest on top of the gown. This is a comfortable form of clothing, made taking into account the standards of medical clothing. Here you can choose the model and color of the vest.

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