What to give a medical student?


We know what EVERY medical student dreams of! Almost all medical university students dream of getting enough sleep! A busy study schedule, an active social life, participation in projects and just the desire to relax with friends - and there is not enough time for sleep.


You will not be able to give additional hours of sleep, but you can improve its quality. For example, to give a high-quality orthopedic mattress or pillow. Although there is little sleep, but how sweet it will be!


Of course, this is a maximum program. There are still many options for low-budget, but no less desirable gifts. The list of ideas to present to a medical student is endless. Starting from practical things to cute little things. The choice and cost of the gift also depend on the reason for which the present is bought.

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A gift for a future medical student


A win-win option for what to present to a future medical student (and in general, to any person whose profession is related to medicine) is medical clothing. From the first hours of training, future doctors must wear a white coat and a cap in pairs. If the cap is very likely to keep its perfect condition until the end of the university studies, then the robe can get dirty very quickly. It is optimal for a student to have two robes - one for going to the gym while the other is being washed.


Knowing the size and tastes of a loved one, you can give him a ready-made set - a robe and a hat. Or give a gift card for medical clothes - so that a person can choose the style and size of clothes independently.


By the way, you can choose the denomination of the gift card and order it here: https://lvb.ua/groups/view_list/podarunkovi-kartky


What to give a medical student for the New Year


After the New Year's holidays, most students of medical institutions start practice. For practical classes, it is necessary to have a surgical suit, a cap and medical shoes.


It is advisable to buy a suit in non-branded shades and a loose cut. A hat - to match the color of the suit or with a fun print. For example, in the supermarket "People in White" there are caps with prints "Mendeleev", "Skull", "Cats" and many others.


If you are gifting medical shoes for practice, it is better to opt for white clogs made of foam-type material. They are light, comfortable and easy to care for.


It's the same as with a white coat - you can choose clothes or shoes yourself or put a gift card for medical clothes in a beautiful envelope under the Christmas tree.


What to give a medical student for his birthday


What to give depends on the budget and the level of intimacy with the future doctor. For example, a useful and inexpensive gift is a notebook with the inscription "The best people usually wear white." Because people in white coats who save our lives and health are actually the best smiley

Also, a student will not refuse a certificate in a medical literature store - during the entire learning process, it will be necessary to purchase many, many different textbooks and they are very expensive.


You can also give a less practical but more emotional present. For example, a fun medical-themed thermal sticker or a badge that can be attached to a medical gown or jacket. For example, there are icons in the form of a brain, an eye, a heart, a stethoscope and many others.


Graduation gift to a medical student


Graduation is a very important event for a person who has devoted at least 6 years to the study of medicine. This is a new reference point, the start of a new life.


Therefore, when choosing what to present to a medical student for graduation, it is necessary to start from whether this thing will be useful for him in further studies or work. For example, a high-quality phonendoscope is a great gift.


Medical clothing does not lose its relevance. It is better to start a new, exciting stage of life in a new, high-quality robe or suit. And so that the gift arouses admiration and becomes a favorite garment for several years, you can embroider the initials of the future doctor on it. By the way, this service can be ordered at the "People in White" supermarket.

A complete list of gifts for medical students


To make it easier to make a decision, we have listed all possible gifts in a separate list. Gifts are given here without being tied to a specific gender, which means that there is no particular difference in what to give to a friend who is a medical student or a friend. These are universal gifts for all occasions:

  • Medical clothes, shoes;
  • Gift card for medical clothing;
  • Certificate for a medical literature store;
  • Embroidery of the initials of the future doctor on clothes;
  • Medical equipment (phonendoscope, etc.);
  • Badge or thermal transfer sticker on a medical theme;
  • A basket of sweets;
  • Lunchbox;
  • Notepad, notebooks, pens, markers;
  • Thermal mug or water bottle;
  • Smart watch or fitness tracker;
  • Cover for clothes.

As such, there are plenty of gift options for future doctors to suit any budget. The main thing is that it comes from the heart heart

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