Draw of medical clothes "People in White" (summer)

Dear friends!

Today is June 18, which means that the time has come to announce the results of the "People in White" medical clothing raffle. As you know, the raffle, which was dedicated to the beginning of summer, started on May 27. Three gift cards for the wonderful "Men in White" medical apparel are being raffled off. Using these cards, you can choose and order your favorite gown or medical suit, in your favorite color, in your favorite color, directly in our online store lvb.ua in the "People in White" supermarket or directly in our online store.
size Which is very convenient and practical!

As we promised, the prize drawing itself was held yesterday, using the random.app application. The drawing process is recorded in this video, and the names of the winners are also heard in it.
Congratulations to the winners of the draw!

We wish all subscribers of the group to definitely win in new contests and raffles!
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