Raffle of medical caps in the Vkontakte group 2016


Dear friends! Hurry up and take part in an interesting draw in the Vkontakte group "People in White". This time, not three, but seven members of the group will be the winners! Each winner will receive one of seven adorable hats.

This time they are playing:
- "Fish" cap;
- "Fieldflowers" cap;
- "Bob" cap;
- White cap;
- Cap of crimson color;
- A cap of turquoise color;
- A blue cap.

The winners of the draw will be determined randomly using the random.app application. The results of the draw will be published in the news on July 2, 2016.

It's very easy to win a great medical cap, link to participate: https://vk.com/lvb.clothes?w=wall-49241944_1273

We wish you victory in the draw!

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