The results of the prize draw in the Vkontakte group

Dear friends!

Today is March 3, and we are announcing the results of the drawing of medical clothing "People in White", which was held among the subscribers of our Vkontakte group.


Medical caps, accessories and three gift cards for the wonderful "Men in White" medical clothing were raffled off. Using these cards, you can choose and order your favorite gown or medical suit in your favorite color and the size you need in the Lyudy v Bilyu supermarket or directly in our online store Which is very convenient and practical!

The prize draw was held last night, using The drawing process is in this video, it also includes the names of the winners.


Congratulations to the winners of the draw!


We wish the subscribers of the group to definitely win in the new raffle, which started right today, and other raffles that will be held again and again!


And be sure to take part in the monthly draw for prizes based on "Expanded Customer Questionnaires", which can be obtained at the "People in White" supermarket


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