Gift card draw results. July 2016

Good news! As many as six lucky winners of various raffles for medical clothing and accessories will receive prizes from the company "People in White"!

A raffle of interesting and useful prizes was held in the "People in White" community on the Facebook network. A gift card with a denomination of UAH 400, a branded cover for clothes and a unique gift set "People in White" found their lucky owners. The video with the process of determining the winners is available at the link .

Also today, the names of the three winners of the 25th raffle based on Expanded questionnaires, which we received in July, became known.

In the video attached to the news, the process of determining the winners is presented and their names are announced.

Congratulations to the winners of the 25 draw! The managers will contact the winners shortly to present the prizes.

The surprises don't end there! A new raffle with amazing prizes is starting in the "People in White" Facebook community! The winner of the raffle will have a unique opportunity to choose a robe from the assortment of TM "People in White" as a gift! Second and third place subscribers will receive a surprise gift :).

To participate in the draw, follow the link .

Do not miss the opportunity, take part in a new unprecedented raffle from the company "People in White"!

Participate in sweepstakes and win prizes!

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