Gift certificates for medical clothing


The People in White store launched gift certificates for medical clothing.

Currently, two types of certificates are offered: for a medical gown and a medical suit .

These certificates can be exchanged for any medical gown or suit in the People in White store.

Such certificates are a great gift for your doctor, medical colleague, and other workers in the medical field. After all, by giving a certificate, you are giving not just medical clothes, you are giving a choice. Using it, the bearer of the certificate can choose exactly the model, size, color, etc. that suit him the most.

The certificate is a plastic card, which has an individual protected number, as well as a cardboard wrapper in the form of a robe, which gives the certificate a gift-like appearance. The plastic card indicates which products the certificate was issued for, and the rules for using the certificate, contact details and additional information are on the cardboard wrapper.

You can buy a certificate in retail stores of the "People in White" network or in the online store

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