Clothing for dentists

A dentist is a responsible and difficult profession. A modern specialist strives to look presentable, neat, and stylish. In addition, dental clothing should be comfortable to wear and easy to care for. So how do you choose the perfect outfit for a dentist?
It is worth considering:
- the composition of the fabric from which the clothes are made;
- quality of tailoring and quality of accessories;
- comfort in wearing;
- style and style.
During manipulations, dentists come into contact with various filling materials and drugs, blood. Accordingly, clothes should be easily washed and ironed, as this has to be done often, so it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the fabric.

Clothing made of mixed fabrics

In contrast to 100% cotton, which requires painstaking care, it is better to choose mixed fabrics, which should contain both cotton and polyester - the fibers of the fabric are durable and retain their color well, allow air to pass through, are easy to wash and iron, and wrinkle less. As a result, you will have a suit that allows the body to breathe and at the same time will look like the day of purchase for a long time.

Clothes made of 100% cotton

For fans of 100% cotton clothes who are not afraid of the nuances of care, we advise you to iron the clothes semi-wet, then it will take you less time and effort, wash at a temperature of 30 degrees - the suit will not fit. You should not wash cotton and synthetic clothes in the washing machine at the same time, this may cause the fabric to rub and it may become wrinkled.

The quality of tailoring and the quality of accessories

It is important to pay attention to whether the seams are even and well fixed everywhere, how neatly small details are sewn (pockets, rubber bands for handles or other small things), it is worth checking the reliability of buttons and buttons several times - just fasten and unfasten them. So that there are no doubts about the quality of clothing and its service life, contact companies that have proven themselves in the medical clothing market and have several stages of checking the quality of tailoring and their own production.
Only a high-quality item will last a long time, and wearing it will bring comfort and pleasure. The company "People in White" does not just promise, but guarantees 200% high quality tailoring of clothes. All medical clothing is covered by a warranty of up to 180 days.

Comfort and style

Of course, clothing for dentists should be comfortable and stylish. It is important to choose the right size and style. Ideally, try on clothes in the sales hall. If you order clothes through an online store, the manager must provide information about clothing measurements and recommend which size is best to choose.
In the "People in White" medical clothing online store, we measure the main parameters of clothing, back length, trouser seam, sleeve girth, etc. Before sending the parcel, we shorten or lengthen the length of the trousers, make belts or half-belts for blousons and carry out other operations - we do everything possible to ensure that the model and size of the suit, robe or trousers suit you perfectly. We remind you that the clothing parameters should be larger than your personal parameters - there should be an allowance for freedom of fit (on average 4-8 cm for women and 10-20 cm for men). This will guarantee you comfort and convenience throughout the working day.
Semi-fitted models of suits - universal, will suit almost everyone perfectly - will not constrain movements and emphasize the figure.
The choice of color, by the way, is an equally important component - each doctor expresses his individuality and attitude to work. When choosing the color of clothing, important psychological aspects should be taken into account: white is associated with cleanliness and hygiene, it inspires trust in patients; green shades have a calming effect, patients feel more comfortable in the chair; blue and again green - well suited for dental surgeons; printed and colorful options - make you smile, distract yourself from the figurines and trust the specialist, especially when there are small patients in the chair.
The choice of clothes should be approached responsibly: quality and style - your aesthetic satisfaction and comfort, and on the part of patients - trust and gratitude for jewelry work.
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