Clothing for a nurse: types, requirements, advice on choosing


Dress requirements for nurses may vary depending on the workplace. For example, in many public institutions, there are no strict requirements regarding the color and type of clothing, and everyone buys products according to their taste. The standard form of clothing for a nurse is a white medical gown and a cap, for a nurse - a medical shirt with a button and trousers.

In private hospitals, clothes in the same corporate colors are mostly bought or made to order for all employees. It is also a popular practice when employees of one department are dressed in medical clothes of a certain color. For example, doctors, nurses and other employees of the diagnostic department wear blue clothes, employees of the urology department wear green, etc.

Medical clothes for nurses

Most often, nurses wear a medical gown to work. You don't need to change clothes in order to start your daily duties - it's enough to wear a dressing gown on top of your everyday clothes. A dress, skirt or trousers with a blouse is usually worn under the robe. The main thing is that everyday clothes do not look from under the robe.

For a very long time, nurses wore gowns exclusively of white color, but now many stylish models of pink, azure, lilac and other colors have appeared. Medical dresses, which allow you to look as feminine and elegant as possible at work, are also currently in fashion.
Another option for comfortable and practical clothes for a nurse is a medical suit. It consists of trousers with an elastic band, a jacket with a fastener or a blouse worn over the head. The most popular colors for nurse suits are navy blue, coral, light green and white.

Medical clothes for a nurse

The most common form of clothing for a nurse is a medical shirt with a button and trousers. It is advisable to choose a shirt with a short sleeve - it is a more practical option than with a long one. Short sleeves will not get dirty while working or washing hands.

The nurse's surgical suit is no less popular. It consists of a blouson without fastening (worn over the head) and medical trousers. There are both monochrome options and suits with a top sewn from fabric with a fun pattern. Most often, such costumes are chosen by employees of children's hospitals.

Less often than not, the job description may specify that a nurse must wear a white medical coat for a shift. If the dress code requires it, the gown can be combined with medical pants and a T-shirt or shirt.

How to choose clothes for a nurse

The main thing is that medical clothing should not interfere with work and restrict movement. It is optimal for a nurse's gown or suit to be 4-6 centimeters larger than everyday clothes - then it will be possible to move actively in it, perform everyday tasks.

Clothes should be made of quality fabric. A great option is a nurse's suit made of 100% cotton. Such clothes will be pleasant to the body and allow air to pass through so that the body can breathe. But it is difficult to take care of cotton - such clothes take a long time to dry, can sit down after washing in hot water, and quickly wrinkle.

More practical are clothes made of mixed fabric, in which polyester and cotton are combined. Due to the cotton in the composition, the clothes retain their hygienic properties, and due to the polyester, they will become more wear-resistant. Such clothes dry quickly and almost do not absorb moisture.

Thus, it is possible to highlight a list of requirements that must be met by clothing for a nurse:

  • convenient model;
  • high-quality, wear-resistant material;
  • fabric consisting of cotton and polyester;
  • sleeve length – ¾ or short.

It is advisable to have several spare sets in the wardrobe - so that you can wear a clean suit while another is waiting to be washed.


Should a nurse work in a cap?


There is no clear answer as to whether a nurse should always wear a cap. For example, it is obvious that a cap must be worn in the operating room, in the kitchen or during invasive manipulations. In other cases, it is necessary to rely on the information specified in the job description.

Interesting fact! Many nurses and doctors believe in a lucky surgical cap. It may be old, lose its color and shape, but it will never be abandoned.

A cap for a nurse or a nurse can be matched to a suit or shoes. Hats with unusual prints are also very popular.


What shoes should a nurse wear?


More often than not, employers do not have strict requirements about what kind of footwear a nurse should wear. The only exception concerns medics present at operations - they must wear shoes that can be sterilized.

Such shoes include Oxypas brand clogs. These are comfortable and durable thermoplastic rubber shoes that can be sterilized in an autoclave.

If there are no such strict requirements for sterility, you can buy medical slippers made of genuine leather or clogs made of so-called "foam".

Wedge slippers are the most popular among leather shoes. These are the "Yana" and "Lena" models. The upper and insole made of genuine leather allow the feet to breathe, and the anti-slip sole makes them comfortable and safe.

Another convenient and "immortal" option is clogs made of CoqAir material. To the touch, these shoes are similar to the foam slippers that almost everyone had in childhood. The material is similar to foam only visually, it is ten times better in terms of wear resistance and other consumer properties. For example, despite its artificial origin, the material allows air to pass through well, and doctors can comfortably work in such clogs, given their busy working days. It is very easy to care for such shoes - to clean them, it is enough to wipe them with a wet napkin or sponge.
Under the influence of body temperature, clogs with CoqAir take the shape of the foot, which makes them even more comfortable.

Advice! If the clogs have lost their shape after storage or transportation, you can give them an attractive look with the help of a regular hair dryer. It is necessary to heat the clog with warm air and straighten it - the soft material will cool down and take the shape you need.

You can choose and buy a robe for a nurse, a suit for a nurse both in the online store and in the sales hall of the "People in White" supermarket. A large assortment of robes, suits, shoes is available.

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