Clothes for a massage therapist


You agree that it is important for every specialist working in the field of massage to win and justify the client's trust? And first of all, what they will pay attention to even before the start of your work, when it will be possible to demonstrate all professionalism , is how the workplace is arranged, your appearance and the way you dress.

Clothes for a massage therapist can be diverse. In polyclinics, as a rule, the preferred medical uniform is a medical top and trousers. In private clinics, you can choose a uniform at your discretion, of course, if there are no specific requirements for clothing. Spa salons often design and order corporate uniforms.

What form to choose a massage therapist.

As a rule, massage therapists choose a set of polo shirt and medical pants (comfortable pants are also possible) or a medical suit for work. What is better to choose, let's figure it out now.

A polo shirt and trousers look stylish, a medical suit is presentable and professional. A medical suit has many advantages:

- an even and free cut does not tighten the body and does not constrain movements;

- wide armholes under the armpits do not rub and allow the body to breathe.

In any case, the upper part of the form should be selected with short sleeves and without a fastener, so that it can be worn over the head. Since the buttons, buttons or zipper can be damaged or open during operation.

Moving to the bottom of the form, it is better to stop at trousers with an elastic band. When choosing a bottom, pay attention that the trousers do not tightly wrap the leg. The belt should not squeeze the waist, but it should not fall either.

What fabric is suitable for massage work.

A natural lightweight fabric such as cotton will allow air to penetrate the skin and allow the body to breathe. The admixture of polyester in the fabric makes it easier to care for the product. A suit made of a mixed fabric is easier to iron and, accordingly, it will wrinkle less. The fabric with the addition of polyester is more wear-resistant, which is very important in the work of a massage therapist. Clothes for a massage therapist must withstand increased physical exertion and repeated washing.

How to choose a color successfully.

Many specialists, working in the massage field, prefer black and dark blue colors in their clothes. This is explained by the fact that there is a high risk of contamination with oils, sweat, dirt, etc. at work. Such traces are less visible on fabric of dark shades. We suggest experimenting and diversifying the color range. You can choose a form in dark green and blue shades. It is better not to wear white clothes at work.

What to do if you work with children.

It is absolutely not possible to do a massage in the clothes in which you are outside. All germs, dirt and dust can remain on the child's body. Before starting work, it is necessary to change into clean clothes, change shoes or put on overshoes. Be sure to wash your hands.

It is undesirable to use a white robe as a change of clothes. It can scare the child. At the moment, there is a huge selection of suits with a print. The children's print will appeal and attract the child's attention. These can be images of cute animals, characters from cartoons, various flowers, etc.

Summing up, we can conclude that clothes for a massage therapist should meet the following criteria:

- to be free and comfortable;

- not to be picky in care;

- have a high level of wear resistance.

In the Lyudy v Bilyu medical clothing supermarket, you can buy high-quality clothing for a massage therapist that will last a long time and will look like new after a lot of washing. We also have a 180-day warranty on all medical clothing.

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