Exchange an old robe for a new one at a discount!


By Nurse's Day, we are announcing your favorite promotion!

If you still have some medical clothes left in your wardrobe, besides " People in white " , bring them to us! Trade in your old robe or suit for a -22% discount on a NEW one!

We will donate all collected items to charity.


Promotion conditions:
1. We accept medical gowns or suits of any manufacturer, except "Men in White".
2. Clothes must be wearable and washed.
3. 1 robe or suit = 1 discount*.


Share this promotion with your friends and colleagues, because by participating in it, you:
- get rid of unnecessary clothes;
- you get a discount* on ALL "Men in White" clothing;
- you become a participant in a charity project.


*With a discount, you can buy up to three products, except for the "Sale" category.
The promotion is valid from 10.05 to 24.05 inclusive



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