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During a surgical operation, everything around must be sterile. In order to prevent the entry and spread of microorganisms in the patient's open wound, doctors wear sterile clothing during the operation - a surgical gown, cap and gloves.

The surgical gown has an unusual design - the fastener is not located in the front, as in ordinary clothes, but behind. Thanks to this, the front of the gown remains completely sterile when put on. Surgical clothes have a free cut so that nothing restricts the doctor's movements.

It is quite difficult to put on an operating gown by yourself. A nurse usually helps the doctor to deal with the bandages. She fixes the ties on the sleeves and back.

The robe is made of 100% cotton, so it is very easy to care for. Natural fabric is easy to wash and keeps its neat appearance for a long time.

It is not recommended to wash the robe with bleaches containing chlorine - it leads to damage to the fabric structure.

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