New fabrics for med clothes


RVH "Ferz", which is the owner of TM " People in white ", received new fabrics for sewing medical clothes. RVH "Ferz", as a manufacturer, especially cares about the quality of its products, so it constantly strives to find new, better, higher-quality fabrics for medical products. Recently, a batch of new high-quality fabrics with a high content of natural threads arrived. These fabrics are the most optimal option for medical clothing, especially for surgical suits. They combine the necessary qualities for maximum ease of use:

    1. Natural threads included in the composition of the fabric ensure its softness, anti-allergy, and pleasant sensations to the touch.
    2. Part of the synthetic threads ensures that the fabric is relatively wrinkle-free, easy to wash and iron.
    3. The high density of the fabric ensures its strength, longevity of use, absence of the so-called "clumping" of the fabric.

The new collection of TM "People in White" clothing will be sewn from these fabrics, in particular:

- medical gowns

- medical suits

- medical vests

- surgical suits

- costumes for honey. nurses and other junior medical personnel

- medical caps

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