New collection of medical clothes autumn 2015


At work, where you sometimes have to communicate with a large number of people, it is very nice to look stylish and modern. It's nice to attract the admiring glances of both colleagues and visitors. Warm attention fills us with self-confidence, joy and positivity. And the working day, illuminated by such a mood, flies by quickly and imperceptibly.

And that is why the company "People in White" creates not only practical and comfortable medical clothing, but also stylish, elegant and fashionable. The entire new collection "autumn 2015", which is now starting to appear in the medical clothing supermarket "People in White", corresponds to these two main rules: practicality and style. On the one hand - high functionality, good consumer qualities, and femininity, beauty and fashion - on the other.

We present to your attention medical blouse MK 06215 from the new collection from the company "People in White".

The blouson is decorated with a model folding French collar of white color. The design of the collar sends us to an elegant and stylish atmosphere in clothes with light retro notes.

The jacket fastens with buttons, and the buttons are covered with a strip. Thus, a neat hidden fastener is obtained. The sleeve is short, straight, with a white cuff. On the back there is a whip belt with two buttons. The blouson has two pockets in the front at the bottom. Patch pockets, oblique.

The blouse fits the figure very well. We can say that he is undersized. For this reason, when ordering online, it is better to order a size larger.

The blouse is made of thin "Batist" fabric with a density of 115 g/m2. The fabric of the blouse is light, pleasant to the body. The fabric consists of 80% cotton, to which polyester is added to give the product such properties as wrinkle resistance and strength. And also for long-term preservation of fresh colors.

You can choose trousers of different models of white color for a blouson. Pants can be made of a similar mixed fabric, or more dense - made of 100% cotton.

The new collection has only just started arriving in the supermarket, and we haven't had time to photograph it yet. Now you can get acquainted with the new collection only in the first Ukrainian supermarket of medical clothing "People in White", located at 3 Olena Teliga Street.

Come! We will be happy to present you this and other models of the new collection.

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