New collection of medical caps

New collection of medical caps - People in White A new collection of medical caps, which is dedicated to the International Day of the Doctor, has appeared right now in the supermarket of medical clothing and accessories "People in White".

Caps of the new brand line "People in White" are distinguished by a wealth of colors and shades that correspond to the colors of surgical and medical suits. And the white version of the caps harmonizes with the medical gowns.

There are caps with bright, colorful patterns on the fabric (prints): cartoon caps are pediatric caps, and caps with abstract colors are more universal.

In total, there are about 40 types of medical caps in the collection, in a wide variety of designs. As a fabric, either 100% natural cotton or medical mixed fabrics based on cotton are used. Medical caps are fixed on the head with ties or with an elastic band. Hats are presented in different sizes.

Dear friends, the caps are produced in a small edition especially for the International Doctor's Day, which this year is celebrated on October 5 (the first Monday of October).

Don't waste time and come to the "People in White" supermarket in time to choose and buy the hat you like!

PS. In the near future, the entire range of hats will also be available in our online store






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